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I'm better known as Po8 in this virtual world that I often am in. I'm on the constant journey of self discovery trying to figure out where I can fit in this world; of where to begin, and how it will end.

I'm not really a poet, per se.  I guess it probably started as a series of distant events.  For about a few days as a kid, there was this friend of mine who started a rhyming game, and I was quite good at it. 

I thought about wanting to become a rock or pop star during my school days, and tried making songs, but it was just a kids fantasy at the time of the MTV era. I was fascinated by poems, but am not an avid poetry fan. I like some poems exceptionally, like those by Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain, as well as others whose names I cannot recollect.  I was more into the feel of the poem, than who is the author. When I was in college in Goa, I guess I started making songs, but still cant seem to be able to compose them on any musical instrument. When I went to study in Europe, a lot of things changed, both spiritually, and the perspective on life as well.  I'm not sure if it was karma, or something else I can't explain. But during this time, poetry used to ring in my head and I never wrote it down. I just used it for solitary pleasure, as it eased my mind.

Towards my last year in college, things went bad for me, and the poems now ringing in my head were dark and almost scary.  Those I did write down and made poetise, but I don't intend to share them.  A little later on, I tried to find peace and in doing so, poems helped again, this time, much more peaceful poems, that mostly, I let it linger in my head and soul, and never on paper. After that I started working, and only wrote a little in the beginning, when I found time and space. Walking on the beach side was relaxing and stimulated me to think of material to write, so I thought of putting up a web site in due time and that is how I am here.

While visiting this site, I hope you like my poems, and hope they let you feel the gist of any situation.  Moreover, I hope they help you in any way possible. Everyday, I hope to add one poem from my archive, or hopefully write something new.

Quotes for the day :-

1. Learn to use your emotions to think; not think with your emotions.

2. Change your Priorities.

3. Take stretch breaks.

4. Step back and observe.

5. Review your purpose.

6. Ask for acknowledgement.

7. Dont judge; bless.

8. Set aside time for planning.

9. Let go and let God!.

10. Use affirmations.

11. Organise your space.

12. Be emphathetic, not overly sensitive.

13. Take care of your health.

14. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

15. Be still and meditate.

16. Change your environment.

17. View problems as opportunities.

18. Let go of "what ifs".

19. Eliminate destructive self-talks.

20. Ask the experts.

21. Do your best and then stop.

22. Trust Divine timing and order.

23. Develop patience.

24. Breathe deeply.

25. Complete things.

26. Talk out your worries.

27. Delegate.

28. Follow your passion.

29. Play out your fears.

30. Get more restful sleep.

31. Forgive and move on.

32. Focus on the moment.

33. Develop self-esteem.

34. Avoid excess.

35. Plan a special outing.

36. Slow down and notice.

37. Nurture good friends.

38. Be spontaneous.

39. Get some fresh air.

40. Maintain good posture.

41. Respect your limits.

42. Exercise routinely.

43. Go dancing.

44. Compromise / Cooperate.

45. Don't procrastinate.

46. Journal your thoughts.

47. Develop flexibility.

48. Don't overschedule.

49. Validate yourself.

50. Take one bite out of the apple at a time.









Hobbies :

Web Surfing, chatting, Listening to Music (generally everything, but mainly rock and metal), practicing guitar, playing soccer, table tennis, basketball, reading business news, technical news, gadgets, electronics hobbyist, writing poetry, making non-working things work and working thing not work, and trying to think of something new to do everyday.


Thank you all for visiting my site. Please feedback via the Guestbook to make this site better.


If you are nobody, get together with somebody and make everybody happy! - po8

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