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This page is dedicated to the one and only JULIE ANDREWS! I hope you enjoy this page.  Pictures that are on this page were picked from other websites, so if these are some of your pictures and you don't want them on here, I WILL remove them. Thanks & ENJOY!!!!
Julie Andrews

Name: Julia Elizabeth Wells
Birthdate: October 1, 1935
Birthplace: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England, UK
Spouse: Blake Edwards


Mary Poppins *1964*
The Americanization of Emily *1964*
The Sound of Music *1965*
Torn Curtain *1966*
Hawaii *1966)
Thoroughly Modern Millie *1967*
Star! *1968*
Darling Lili *1970*
The Tamarind Seed * 1974*
10 *1974*
Little Miss Marker *1980*
S.O.B *1981*
Victor/Victoria *1982*
The Man Who Loved Women *1983*
That's Life *1986*
Duet For One *1986*
Cin Cin *1991*
Our Sons *1991*
A Fine Romance *1992*
The Sound of Julie Andrews *1995*
Hey! Mr. Producer *1998*
One Special Night *1999*
Relative Values *2000*
Unconditional Love *2001*
The Princess Diaries *2001*

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