"Go then my little book and show to all

That entertain and bid thee welcome shall

What thou doest keep close shut up in

Thy breast.

And wish what thou dost show them may be blest

To them for good may make them choose to be

Pilgrims better by far.

Pilgrims better, by far than thee or me."

John Bunyan



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Elder John Stronge of Chard, England and Northampton, Massachusetts. Margery Deane, wife of John Stronge of Chard, England, Abigail Forde, wife of John Stronge.

Four generations of children and their families

Strong family homes and buildings:

George Stronge Cottage - Chardstock, England c. 1590's

Barn of Rev. Joseph Strong, pastor of First Congregation Church, Norwich, Connecticut, b. 1753, son of Rev. Nathan Strong of Coventry, Connecticut. Married Mary Huntington, 1780. Barn

Flyler House - Home of Walter Fyler. Experience Strong married Zerubbabel Fyler, son of Walter Fyler. Windsor Historical Society

Nehemiah and Hannah Strong House, Amherst, Massachusetts. Now home of the Amherst Historical Society.

Strong House Inn, Vergennes, Vermont - Home of Samuel Packard Strong, built c. 1834, son of General Samuel Strong

School built by General Samuel Strong. Also see Shelburne Museum under Vermont.

House built by Henry Strong in Brookhaven, Mississippi around 1857.

Ancestry of Henry Strong of Brookaven, Mississippi and Brazil.


West Country Triangle - New Ancestral Research and interelationships of those who came from the Dorset, Somerset and Devon area of England by Judith Osborn and Martha Strong. Contents page


Genealogical Reference and Information

West Country England:


Genealogical Reference and Information


Genealogical Reference and Information

The Dorset Page


Genealogical Reference and Information


United States:

National Archives - Genealogy page

American 13 Original Colonies:

1. Virginia:


Virginia Historical Society

7. New York

New York Historical Society


Vermont Historical Society

Shelburne Museum - good history site

2. Massachusetts


Massachusetts Historical Society

Mayflower Society

Winthrop Society


Maine Historical Society

Pemaquid Adventure

8. New Jersey

New Jersey Genealogy

3. Connecticut


Trail settlers took from Dorchester, Massachusetts to Windsor, Connecticut

9. Delaware

Delaware Historical Society

4. New Hampshire

N.H. Historical Society

10. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Historical Society

5. Maryland


Maryland Historical Society

Maryland Genealogy

11. North Carolina

North Carolina Genealogy Society

6. Rhode Island

Rhode Island Genealogy

12. South Carolina

South Carolina Historical Society

South Carolina Genealogy

13. Georgia

Georgia Historical Society



 Links to History Sites - England and Colonial

Historical Information:

Great River of New England - Connecticut River Valley

 Historical Events: England and Colonial

Historical Documents: England and Colonial




Maps at SFAA Homepage

County Map showing Somerset, Devon, and Dorset

Map showing Chard, Chardstock, and surrounding area.


Map of Anglo Saxon England


New England

Maps at SFAA Homepage

Colony Map

Boston Harbor


Map of Early New England Towns.

Map of Massachusetts Bay 1630 - 1642

Map of Cambridge, Massachusetts and surrounding areas - 1640

Map of Boston, Massachusetts - 1650


United States

Map - 1775 Territorial Map


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  • Biographical and Anecdotal - Bill Garcia


Links to other Genealogical Sites:


Research Homepages:

Mary & John Clearinghouse Ancestries of possible passengers of the Ship Mary & John, 1630, ancestries of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall families.

Hingham, Massachusetts Genealogy Project

Gardiner, Maine - Great site for West Country Ancestry plus added feature of the Wreck of the ship "Angel Gabriel".

Dave's Signpost Genealogy - Passenger lists for the: Winthrop Fleet, Lyon 1632, Griffin 1634, Planter 1635, Angel Gabriel , Confidence 1638, Martin 1638

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