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Welcome to my home page.

One of my many interests is family tree research. This website will give you an introduction to my family which has resided in Australia for several generations but originated in Ireland, Cornwall and England.

You may find that we have an ancestor in common. Have a look at the surnames listed below. If one of them is a surname in your family tree then click on it to explore what I have discovered so far about that family. That way you can answer the question
- Are you related to me?



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Click on the links below to view the family tree that interests you

from Ballina in Sligo, Ireland to Perth, Australia ~1890s go to webpage
from West Meath, Ireland to Victoria, Australia ~1853 go to webpage
from Ballina in Sligo, Ireland – never left Ireland go to webpage
from Redruth, Cornwall to Adelaide, Australia ~1880 go to webpage
from Salisbury, England to Perth, Australia ~ 1859 go to webpage
from Chacewater, Cornwall to NSW, Australia ~ 1875 go to webpage
from Somerset, England to Perth, Australia ~ 1865 go to webpage
from Newcastle, Limerick, Ireland to NSW, Australia ~ 1857 go to webpage