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July 21, 2005


It is with regret that I bring you the most recent installment of the Power Rankings.  Those bastards at Google have pulled their ads from my site due to “invalid clicks.” (Seriously, what other way did I have of generating revenue at a frigging measly $0.05/click?).  Anyway, I will be taking a break from updating this site for a bit, where I contemplate which direction I want to go with it.  Watch for a big relaunch in the future.


July 11, 2005

Week 3 CFL Power Rankings

We’re back with the second installment of the
Power Rankings in the last four days.   B.C. retains the top spot in the rankings and the West Division after Edmonton and Saskatchewan both suffered their first losses.  Toronto moves up the number two position, followed closely by the Alouettes.  The bitter East Division rivals meet for the first time this season on July 28.  The bottom tier of the rankings is largely unchanged from last week.  Winnipeg is firmly entrenched in the basement.    


July 8, 2005

Week 2 CFL Power Rankings

Coming off a bye week, the B.C. Lions hold onto the top spot in the Power Rankings.  Edmonton, paced by excellent quarterback play and a dominant defensive line, moves up to number two.  The Alouettes drop all the way to number five.  Of course, they’re not really the fifth best team in the league; but some punishment seems in order for playing that passive, half-hearted zone defense in the 4th quarter against Ottawa, which Kerry Joseph and Frank Cutolo shredded to pieces.  



















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