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The Quebec Nordiques/ Colorado Avalanche have 2 cups in 28 years (2 in 11 if only count what they have done in Colorado), won 9 straight division titles from 1995-2003 which is an NHL record. They are tied for the record of most conference titles in a row of 7 with the Canadiens. 
Well for the 1st time since 1994 the Nords/Avs failed to make the post season. They gave it a great fight going 15-2-2 and closing a 12 point gap down to just 1 after the final game of the regular season. The future looks bright for the Avs Boods played great when he needed to, and the avs star rookie for is 2nd for rookie points Paul Stastny was amazing and went on a nhl record rookie points streak of 20 games. Going to be a long off season to re-sign guys and hoppfully dump others coughtheocough.

Well Tomorrow Night could be the last game of the season as the Ducks are 1 win away from winning their 1st ever Cup.


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