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The Mercedes-Benz W108/W109 model series (1965 - 1972)

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz W108/W109 Pages. This site is dedicated to the W108/W109 body style which was the Mercedes-Benz upper class model from 1965 to 1972. It served as the S-class member of the New Generation or /8 Mercedes family in 1967, but had been introduced two years earlier in 1965 with the 250S/SE and the 300SE/SEL.

The W108 Models where:
250S - (1965-1969)
250SE - (1965-1968)
300SE - (1965-1967)
280S - (1967-1972)
280SE - (1967-1972)
280SEL - (1968-1971)
280SE 3.5 - (1970-1972)
280SEL 3.5 - (1970-1972)
280SE 4.5 - (1971-1972)
280SEL 4.5 - (1971-1972)

The W109 Models:
300SEL - (1965-1970)
300SEL 6.3 - (1967-1972)
300SEL 3.5 - (1969-1972)
300SEL 4.5 - (1971-1972

The site is ordered into these sections;

History Course
In this section you will find some information about the history of the W108/W109 body style and what where itís predecessors and successors. You can also see what other models where in production at the same time and read about production milestones.

Technical Corner
Here you will find technical information on the W108/W109, like what where the models and what engines where used, when they where in production, how many units where made, fuel consumption and more.

Owners Connection
This section is my attempt to make the site a interactive place where owners can share and exchange information. You can submit information about your W108/W109 and tell others about your experience with the car. Here you will also find a Message-Board where you can post messages to start a technical or a non thechnical discussion.

If you are looking for a spare part for your W108/W109 or if something is not working, you might try visiting this section. You will find some useful links here to sites helpful to Mercedes owners.

Photo Gallery
In this section you will find official photos of W108ís and W109's. Some of these photos I have found on the internet and I take no credit for them. There are also some photos of my own car here.

This is the link-section. .

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