The Spiders of Wiltshire
Wiltshire spiders These pages contain current information (mainly to the end of 2004 but also some 2005 records) on the spiders found in Wiltshire (Vice counties 7 and 8, give-or-take the odd km or tweak of the boundary). This information includes distribution maps (of records, if not of the spiders - coverage is never complete) and plots indicating when the spiders have been found and their relative numbers through the year. These plots are based on Wiltshire records - comparison with phenology data from other regions/counties may well indicate geographic variations in spider activity.

I've produced a page for each spider recorded in Wiltshire; to date there are about 350 species known to occur in Wiltshire and the number keeps on increasing. Recent finds are Segestria florentina and Theridion hemerobium, recently found along the Kennet & Avon Canal by Nick Law. I've added pages for these.

The photos on these pages are mainly 300 pixels wide, in order to fit all 350-plus species into the free web-space. I will provide a CD of this web-site with more, higher resolution photos (click here for an example), if you e-mail me. (Click here to e-mail me.)

In many cases these distribution maps will indicate recorder activity rather than spider distribution. More records will always be needed if a true picture of spider distribution is to be built up. If you have any records of spiders in Wiltshire (or comments on the web-site), let me know.

Click here to view the Wiltshire spiders' pages.
The species list is shown on the left; click on a species to see the information on it. The maps show records made prior to 1980 as open dots and post 1980-records as solid dots. The underlying chalk (limestone in the north-west of the county) is indicated by the lined areas.

Maps for other regions in the UK can be found following these links:
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Spider distribution maps for the UK have been published in the JNCC volume "Provisional atlas of British Spiders" by Harvey, Nellist and Telfer, 2002.

(Records for other groups of flora and fauna are always required. If you have any records for Wiltshire, contact the Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Record Centre).

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