1. Introduction

    Purposes and scope
    Glossary of botanical terms

  2. General Strategy for Weed Control

    Towards a coordinated and systematic approach
    Points for the home gardener

  3. General Methods Of Control

    Herbaceous weeds
    Woody weeds

  4. Some Major Weeds of Canberra Region

    Herbaceous weeds
    Woody weeds
    Indigenous plants that could be mistaken for weeds

  5. Indigenous Plants That May Be Mistaken For Weeds

    Herbaceous Plants
    Woody (Creepers/climbers, shrubs/trees)

  6. Appendix 1: Declared pest plants of ACT: Land (Planning & Environment) Act 1991

    Appendix 2: Garden plants going bush list of weeds included in the brochure

    Appendix 3: Practical tips for use of brushcutters in weed control

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