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Napoleon Cats are a new breed of cats that have just recently been recognized by The International Cat Association.  They were developed by Joe Smith in who now lives in PA.  Our female, Stella, is a non-standard Napoleon from his BluLine Cattery.

Napoleons are a cross between Munchkins which are short legged cats and either Exotic Short Hairs, Persians or Himalayans.  The result is a beautiful short legged cat with an awesome personality. 

Due to the shortlegged gene being dominant, some of the kittens will have long legs (non-standard) and some will have the short legs (standard).  They may have long hair or short hair depending on the types of cats bred.

We have three Napoleons.  Our female, Stella, is a non-standard short hair.  Our two males are Lollipop, a seal lynx point standard and Tude, a blue lynx point standard.  Tude is the son of Stella and Lollipop.  We are no longer breeding Napoleons and are happy to have three beautiful friendly cats as pets.
Stella and Lollipop
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Napoleon Cats
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Our Info:
Name: Mark and Cindy Jenson
Last Updated 12/26/06
On May 8, 2005 Stella and Lollipop were married at our home.
And Then There Were Six!
Stella gave birth to 4 kittens on Jan.31, 2006
The first to be born was a blue, long-legged girl.
We waited and waited and ended up taking her to the vet where
she had the other 3 by c-section.  Next came an orange short legged
boy followed by 2 white boys, one with long legs and one with short.
Stella and her babies
Blue Girl Orange Boy
Orange Boy
Short Legged White Boy
Three Week Old Kittens
The Happy Family
Found a nice soft robe to relax on.

The kittens are 11 months old now.
Red boy (Mischief) has gone South Carolina
Long White Boy (Jack) has gone to Massachusetts
Blue Girl (Boo) is in Washington, DC
Short White Boy (Tude) has stayed with us.

We are sad to announce that Stella's second pregnancy ended in a stillbirth and we have decided to retire her from breeding and are closing our breeding program.  We are so glad we kept Tude as he has the nicest personality and is absolutely beautiful.  The Napoleon breed is growing and Joe Smith continues to work to promote the breed within TICA.