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Washer and Dryer

Yakima Roof Racks, Bike Mount

26" Upright Rolling Suiter Suitcase

Washer & Dryer - $45 for the pair

Washer - Whirlpool Automatic Large Capacity (Model No. LA5200XTW0)
Dryer - Whirlpool Automatic Electric (Model No. LE5200XTW0)

Selling for $45 (for pair).

This washer and dryer set came with my townhouse, which I have lived in since 2000. Both work well, but are being replaced by new appliances. This set might be kind of old, but it has been used lightly since there are only two people living in the townhouse.


Washer - Whirlpool Automatic Large Capacity (Model No. LA5200XTW0)


Dryer - Whirlpool Automatic Electric (Model No. LE5200XTW0)


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Roof Racks, $ (see below)

2 Yakima Roof Racks, 2 Steelhead Fork Mounts
(SKS lock cores not included)

1st Roof Rack includes:

2nd Roof Rack includes:

2 Steelhead Fork Mounts (Yakima description):

We bought two new cars earlier this year and don't need either roof rack set nor the fork mounts. How many can one own really?!

Yakima products seem to last forever. The first roof rack listed is in good shape. It's older, so it's going to have more weathering. The crossbars could use new end caps, which I believe you can get from Yakima. The clamps are in fine shape.

The second roof rack is in great shape. The crossbars look great and the clamps look even better. The rack was only used for a couple of years, so that is to be expected.

As for the steelhead fork mounts. Well, they work great. They look older and they are, but they work just fine. They were purchased in 1998.

Use the Yakima Rack Configurator to find out if these clamps will fit on your vehicle.

Yakima Roof Rack previously mounted on 1998 Subaru Outback  

Yakima Roof Rack previously mounted on 2000 Subaru Outback

Steelhead Fork Mounts

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26" Expandable Upright Rolling Suiter Suitcase, $50

Brand: Atlantic
Type: 26" Upright Suiter, Series 354
Color: Denim
Dimensions: 25 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 8.5"(+2.5" when expanded)

Purchased from Macy's in 2006 for $249. Selling for $50.


This suitcase was purchased in 2006 at Macy's. We thought we would enjoy having a larger bag for longer trips, but we have not needed it very often and prefer our smaller suitcases. The "Garment Sleeve" is a great feature for packing suits and dresses. This bag served us well on several long trips. There are a couple of zippers that did not receive any love from TSA.  :-) The zippers still work, but the pull is missing. I've included close-up pictures. One is located on the cover for the upright handle, while the other is located on the front large pocket. This never caused much problem for me. This is a nice bag, we simply have not been using it and want to find a good home for it.

Taking the Infinity class of luggage to new heights, the new Atlantic Infinity EX collection offers the next generation in superior styling, performance and travel sensibility. Designed with the same know-how as Atlantic's other top rated collections, Atlantic Infinity EX was developed by our design team in collaboration with frequent business and family travelers from various metropolitan cities who demanded more from their travel gear. Larger, upright models feature the patent-pending sleek C3 Contoured Corner Construction, which deflects abrasion and wear and tear at the corners better than traditional framed cases. Exteriors are covered and protected by a rugged, 1682D Ballistic Nylon. Lifetime guarantee.

Laundry Locker Laundry Locker  
Open suitcase, showing removable hanging wet pack on left. Removable garment sleeve
Removable garment sleeve (folded) Broken zipper pull on large front pocket. Note that zipper is still in tact.
Broken zipper pull on upright handle pocket. Note that zipper is still in tact.  

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