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Both Municipal Council and  the Region have not sufficiently considered alternatives to incineration. Clarington was, and should remain an unwilling host.

NDP launches 5-point green agenda

Through 13 years of Liberal inaction on the environment, Conservatives said they had a “real” plan — but that’s turning out to be hot air. Only the NDP has tabled a plan to secure our air, land and water for future generations.

The Conservatives have already axed conservation programs, they’ve protected the Liberals’ subsidies for polluting oil companies, and they’re running away from Canada’s climate change commitments.

The NDP has a realistic plan to conserve energy, cut dirty emissions, attract green investment and create jobs. It’s our 5-point Green Agenda for Canada:

    Greener Homes — Cutting emissions and cutting home energy bills by making Canadian homes the most energy-efficient on the planet.

    Greener Communities — Supporting local governments, businesses and agencies to expand local renewable energies and retrofit infrastructure for efficiency.

    Greener Transportation — Cutting dirty emissions through mandatory fuel efficiency standards, a green car strategy and investment in sustainable transportation.

    Greener Industry — Phasing out subsidies for dirty energy and impelling industry to assume its fair share of responsibility for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

    Greener Canada & World — Enacting 11 proposals to green up government itself while working with international partners to secure our common future.

Greener transportation for a greener planet

Canadians want to ensure that our kids will grow up with air they can breathe.

     Shifting to more sustainable transportation is one practical place to start. The NDP’s Greener Transportation Strategy would conserve energy, cut dirty emissions, attract green investment and create jobs. Its components include:

    Investing in the production of green cars, keeping Canada’s auto industry viable as world demand for cleaner cars rises.

    Creating a vehicle purchasing consortium for all levels of government, expanding the green auto market and lowering prices for consumers

    Offering a substantial GST rebate for the purchase of alternative-fuel vehicles.

    Offering incentives encouraging businesses to green up their transportation fleets.

    Providing federal support for zero-emission pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

    Bringing in mandatory emission standards for all light-duty vehicles sold in Canada.

    Expanding support for rail transport as a more efficient way to move freight and people.

Greener homes for a greener planet

While Stephen Harper idles, Canadians want to get on with ensuring that our kids will have air they can breathe.

     Making homes more energy-efficient is one practical way to cut energy consumption and dirty emissions. The NDP’s national Greener Homes Strategy would produce major results in just seven years:

    Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 42 megatonnes.

    Create thousands of Canadian green jobs.

    Reduce home energy bills.

Components of the Greener Homes Strategy include:

    Reinstating EnerGuide, the modest but proven home energy retrofit program the Conservatives axed.

    Launching a more advanced energy-efficiency program to make Canadian homes the most efficient in the world.

    Strengthening the National Building Code with higher energy-efficiency standards for new homes.

    Ensuring all appliances and lighting sold in Canada meet the Energy Star standard.

Greener communities for a greener planet

While the Conservatives cut existing programs and patch together a long-overdue environment plan, New Democrats continue to roll out achievable solutions.

     The NDP’s 5-point Green Agenda for Canada includes innovative approaches to building more environmental environmentally sustainable communities. This Greener Communities Strategy can produce major results in just seven years:

    Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 29.5 megatonnes.

    Create thousands of Canadian green jobs.

    Reduce energy bills for businesses, organizations and governments.

Components of the Greener Communities Strategy include:

    Energy retrofits — Help businesses, hospitals, churches and schools retrofit buildings for energy efficiency, with up-front investment paid for 100% by energy savings.

    Solar-thermal building systems — Install 100,000 units through federal grants and loans, saving energy costs and lowering emissions.

    Renewable power — Support wind, biomass, and other renewable energy sources, and small scale cogeneration to reduce reliance upon centralized plants.

    Community capacity-building — Support community-based groups and projects that promote conservation and green energy uses.

The Greener Communities Strategy is part of the NDP's 5-point Green Agenda for Canada. It’s an agenda that shows we don’t have to choose between a cleaner environment and a better quality of life — we can achieve both. To find out more, please visit NDP.ca.



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