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Welcome to The Green Garden

Your in the right place to have the garden of your dreams with
top-quality seeds, plants and supplies exclusively from The
Green Garden. We have top-quality organic soil to grow one-
of-a-kind oranges, catus, unique annuals & perennials and a
full line of seed starting supplies. We have an excellent
landscaping team that will offer you the most economical bids
on landscaping your home or office with lush beautiful
flowers and shrubs.So contact us after viewing our website
and get a head start on summer with beautiful, colorful, long-
lasting flowers and decorative shrubs in your yard today!

The Green Garden has a wide range of Marigolds, Petunias,
Daisies, Impatiens, and Catus that are easy to grow and
arrange in your landscape by calling or emailing us today.