About the Mount Carmel Area Rescue Squad

The organization began raising funds for the station in the 1970's with many fundraisers including bingo, raffle tickets, hoagie sales, ect, also with a low interest loan. The Mount Carmel Area Rescue Squad was organized on March 11, 1976, for the purpose of providing rescue capabilities at fires, vehicle accidents, other emergency incidents and to administer medical care whenever required. The Organization is entirely self-sustaining. No tax dollars are used in its operation. Money to pay all expenses are acquired through various fund raising activites.

The majority of the construction was done by the members to save money, and after three to four years the station was completed in 1981.

That station was in use until the well remembered day in October of 1997 when the station was destroyed by fire along with a well respected members life. After two years of struggle, the new station was replaced and occupied in May 1999.

None of it could be done without the support of the community, and we thank you

The organization's new building is located at 100 North Wanlut Street, and is available by phone at 339-2440 (This is NOT an Emergency Number, Dial 911 for an Emergency). You can also email the station at staff@station5.org

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