Our Emergency Units

Rescue 5

|Picture| 1994 KME Heavy Rescue This Unit is a Certified Q.R.S. (Quick Responce Service). Resuce 5 is used from Fire Calls, to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Search and Rescue, and any type of fire related emergency call. We also carry a range of Hurst "Jaws of Life" tools, which include, Paladin, 32-A, O-Cutters and Rams. The Rescue also carries, Saws, tools, air bags, a cascade system, portable lights, air paks, and a variety of medical/rescue equipment.

Squad 5

|Picture| 1993 Ford Explorer XLT. Sqaud 5, is also a Quick Responce Unit, this unit is used for Medical Calls for on-scence service. Squad 5 is also used for Search and Rescue Emergencies, in Wooded Area's Where an Ambulance Would Not be Able to Reach. The Squad is Capable of Transporting the Patient to the Ambulance

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