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These pages have been completely revamped in the late summer of 1998. So, if you have been here before, you might want to take a fresh look at the family ancestry and other things we have added.

We have been reseaching our family history for about seventeen years now. When I first started this fantastic hobby I thought I would just research one ancestral line and what a surprise I was in for - with that idea. Impossible and also impractical and not near as much fun as tying together all these names, puzzles and places. So here I am -- still researching, still having fun and marvelling on how much more interesting it is to have this new technology to help us move along at a faster and more interesting pace.

First, something about ourselves. My husband, Cliff and I are semi-retired living in a small town in south central British Columbia. It is an unique town, having two rivers meeting in the middle, thus the town was named Grand Forks. Our children are grown with families of their own and we are blessed with five grandsons and one granddaughter. The hobbies we enjoy are of course, genealogy, the Internet, gardening, fishing, knitting, reading and whatever comes our way that interests us such as organizing family reunions and meeting our distant "cousins" that we have found on and offline through the years. By clicking on either Dainard's or McArthur's you will go to detailed pages regarding our ancestry. The pages include a database on each family as well as family history. Hope you enjoy!

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At our Wedding Vows renewal service for 50th anniversary 2004

The following names are connected to the Dainards and are clickable from the Dainard page. Nitsche & Jacobsen, - Trodler & Hilderbrand - Sayers - Bates -
Clickable from the McArthur page is the Simpson & Piatt file.

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