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I dedicate this page to the memory of my Maternal Grandmother

Grandma Nitsche(Marie Elizabeth Jacobsen Nitsche)
Marie Elizabeth Jacobsen Nitsche

The Nitsche-Jacobsen database is no longer available online. Please contact me by email.

The picture of my maternal grandparents, Carl and Marie Nitsche on their wedding day, November 22, 1891 is below. This was my mother's maiden name. Not much is known of my grandfather's family but we know that he came to the United States in 1877 as a young man from Bunzleu, Germany, landing at the location that was to become Ellis Island. His mother was a baker in Germany. He met and married my grandmother, lived in Chicago and Grand Forks, North Dakota and they eventually ended up in Seattle, Washington, in the lower Queen Anne district where they raised their family (they had 13 children that lived to adulthood - many of them became bakers in the area). I recently learned that my grandfather Nitsche had at one time originally planned on going to Alaska to work in the gold fields. Not making the trip then, he later took a fishing trip there and his picture appeared in an issue of the Alaska Wildlife magazine holding a large fish. This would have been prior to 1922 that the picture was taken. (I have now seen the picture thanks to my cousin who sent it to me.) The picture shows my grandfather with his friend holding up a large halibut between them that is taller than they were. My grandfather is wearing a navy uniform. During the winter of 1996 I was lucky to have been able to put together a "Nitsche Family Index" of my Nitsche relatives. About 720 plus on that index (not bad for just five generations from one family!) This family of cousins is very closely knit - we try to have a reunion at least every two years or so.


My grandmother's maiden name was Jacobsen. Her parents had brought her to the United States from Denmark, arriving in New York in 1881 on the "Guiding Star" ship. They were to eventually settle in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Later most of this family moved to the Seattle area. The above Nitsche index includes this family as well.. It is believed by some of the family that the Jacobsen's arrived in the United States with my great grandparents CHRISTIANSEN (Utenby). I do have some pictures taken in a cemetary in Wisconsin but no knowledge of where in Wisconsin. I have no information on this branch except my mother had a Uncle Ivar Christiansen that came to visit us in Seattle. He was in his 70's - prior to 1948 or so. Another source has said she had come from a family of 17 children.

Uncle Ivar ChristiansenA picture of her Uncle Ivar Christiansen taken in Seattle when he visiting. He was in his seventies in this picture. circa early 1940's.

His own recipe for Danish Abelsikva's has been passed thoughout our family for years.

The Jacobsen Family

Generation No. 1

1. Jacob A Jacobsen was born in Denmark, and died 1904 in Grand Forks, North Dak. He married Karen Unknown(Jacobsen) in Denmark.

Child of Jacob Jacobsen and Karen Unknown(Jacobsen) is:

1. Jacob George Jacobsen, born 1846 in Denmark; died Mar 03, 1922 in Seattle, Wash. He married Anna-Marie Christiansen 1869 in Denmark.

I know of no other names of his brothers and sisters.

I believe this is Jacob and AnnaJacob and Anna Marie emmigrated from Lichenburg, Germany, which at the time was under Danish Protectorate. They arrived in New York, June 29, 1881 on the ship Guiding Star. It is believed that they lost one child on the trip over. They were to settle in North Dakota where they lived until the early 1900's. Then they homesteaded on Vashon Island where they lived until the place got to be to much work for the older couple. They lived for awhile where the Sea-Tac Airport is now located but moved to Rose Hill in Kirkland where they lived for the remainder of their lives. He was a fisherman in the old country but as far as records go he only farmed in the United States. When they died they left behind one son and a daughter, 21 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Little did they know how the family would grow. When they homesteaded in North Dakota it was around Grand Forks. They were very strict Lutheran. Anna Marie would not cook on sundays and Jacob did only what had to be done. He was 6'1" and she was 5'. They died within three months of each other in 1922. He died of a ruptured hernia and she of a broken heart and pneumonia. (Information from writings of Bill Nitsche-grandson)

Children of Jacob Jacobsen and Anna-Marie Christiansen are:

1a. Jacob Jacobsen, born Jan 01, 1871; died Jan 07, 1920 in Kirkland, Wash.

2a. George Jacobsen, born Jan 19, 1873; died Apr 20, 1931 in Wash.

3a. Marie Elizabeth Jacobsen, born Feb 04, 1876 in Denmark; died Aug 07, 1941 in Seattle,Wash.

Jacob and Julia

1a. Jacob Jacobsen was born Jan 01, 1871, and died Jan 07, 1920 in Kirkland, Wash. He married Julia Rue.

This family was the last one to migrate to the West Coast. Not much other information was found. I found that he and his wife had eight children but three died in North Dakota before moving to the coast.

Children of Jacob Jacobsen and Julia Rue are:

1. Anna Jacobsen, born May 30, 1892; died 1921 in Salem, Ore. She married Ben Newman

2. Alma Jacobsen, born Nov 04, 1894; died Nov 04, 1982 in Seattle, Wash. She married Wesley Dunaway

3. Mabel Jacobsen, born Jan 27, 1899; died Nov 14, 1980 in Seattle, Wash. She married Harry O'Shaughnessy

4. Edwin Jacobsen, born Aug 01, 1900; died Jul 28, 1918 in Seattle, Wash.

5. Clara Jacobsen, born Oct 11, 1906. She married H Clay Ramsey.

George and Christina  engagement picture

2a. George Jacobsen was born Jan 19, 1873, and died Apr 20, 1931 in Wash. He married Christina Hallick

This family was the first of the clan to settle on the West Coast. George was a gentle and good man but had a hard time supporting and caring for his big family due to his wife's illness and early death. The children were cared for in part by his sister Marie Jacobsen Nitsche along with her many children.

Children of George Jacobsen and Christina Hallick are:

1. J Gordon Jacobson, born Nov 28, 1903; died Jan 28, 1995 in Wash. He married Elvera Kimball

2. Elvina Jacobsen, born Jun 30, 1905; died Jul 28, 1984 in Seattle, Wash. She married Marion Fortney

3. Gaylor Jacobsen, born Feb 13, 1907. He married Katherine Martin.

4. Helen Jacobsen, born May 05, 1909; died Oct 04, 1948. She married Lester Hodgman.

5. Anna Georgina Jacobsen, born Sep 01, 1911; died Oct 17, 1971 in Seattle, Wash. She married Garland Robert Bray.

6. Henry Leonard Jacobson, born Sep 03, 1915; died Jul 09, 1981 in Seattle, Wash. He married Constance Doyle.

Carl and Marie wedding picture

3a. Marie Elizabeth Jacobsen was born Feb 04, 1876 in Denmark, and died Aug 07, 1941 in Seattle, Wash. She married (1) Carl August Paul Nitsche Nov 22, 1891 in Chicago, Illinois, son of August Nitsche and Emilie Wulpins. She married (2) August Neilsen July 1938 in Central Lutheran Church - Seattle, Wash.

Children of Marie Jacobsen and Carl Nitsche are:

1. Esther Emelia4 Nitsche, born Oct 28, 1892 in North Dakota; died July 03, 1970 in Seattle, Wash. She married Carl Howard Trout 1918

2. Anna Nitsche, born Dec 17, 1893 in North Dakota; died Mar 1894.

3. George Carl Nitsche, born Nov 19, 1894 in North Dakota; died Mar 03, 1980 in Seattle, Wash. He married Margaret Jackson Jun 15, 1916 in Butte, Montana.

4. Herman Nitsche, born Dec 03, 1895; died Aug 09, 1896.

5. Christian August Nitsche, born Apr 23, 1896 in North Dakota; died Nov 27, 1959 in Seattle, Wash. He married Josephine Belum Dec 20, 1919.

6. Arthur Wilhelm Nitsche, born Oct 23, 1899 in Spokane, Wash; died Dec 01, 1949 in Seattle, Wash. He married Lydia Swanson Mar 10, 1925 in Seattle, Washington.

7. Walter Berthold Nitsche, born Jan 02, 1901 in Spokane, Wash; died Jan 01, 1935 in Renton, Wash. He married Victoria Babe Dobbs Sep 05, 1923 in Seattle, Wash.

8. Alfred Herbert Nitsche, born Jun 30, 1902 in Spokane, Wash; died Mar 29, 1968 in Seattle, Wash. He married Evelyn Hobbs Jan 05, 1929 in Seattle, Wash.

9. Marie Anna Matilda Julia Nitsche, born Jan 21, 1904; died Mar 14, 1990 in Seattle, Wash. She married Charles William Tropple Dec 12, 1923 in Seattle, Wash.

10. Margaret Katherine Nitsche, born Dec 28, 1907 in Seattle, Wash; died Jan 19, 1974 in Fall City, Wash. She married (1) Colonel/Samuel Dainard Oct 02, 1926 in Seattle, Washington. She married (2) Joseph Bates May 29, 1958 in Central Lutheran Church - Seattle, Wash.

The first eight children with their parents - taken about 1909

11. Hill Monroe Nitsche, born Jan 19, 1910 in Seattle, Wash; died Jun 25, 1985 in Seattle, Wash. He married (1) Henrietta Campbell Jun 1931 in Seattle, Wash. He married (2) Edith Nowitzki Aug 11, 1944 in Central Lutheran Church - Seattle, Wash.

12. Franklin Irvin Nitsche, born Mar 31, 1912 in Seattle, Wash5; died Aug 03, 1978 in San Diego, Calif. He married (1) Elba Peters Jun 12, 1933. He married (2) Mary Ellis. He married (3) Jean Unknown(Nitsche)

13. Carl A Nitsche , Jr, born Jul 17, 1913; died Dec 04, 1936 in Seattle, Wash.

14. Clarence Nitsche, born Jul 17, 1913; died Jul 17, 1913 in Everett, Wash.

15. Donald Edwin Nitsche, born Feb 15, 1921 in Seattle, Wash; died Oct 25, 1995 in Enumclaw, Wash. He married Lois Kortness Apr 03, 1947 in Seattle, Wash.

Gus and GrandmaUncle Don Nitsche with his mothermy mom Margaret with her cousin Clara Jacobsen

Picture from left to right

Gus and Marie Nielsen - Donald E Nitsche with his mother Marie - My mom, Margaret Nitsche and her cousin Clara Jacobsen approximately 1926

Grandma Left Denmark with her parents and grandparents when she was five years old. She was married in Chicago at age 16 and moved to North Dakota and then on to Seattle.The family then settled across from where the American Can Company now stands. Besides her large family she took on the added responsibility of the children of her brother George as his wife was ill. This was during the first world war. Can you imagine cooking for at least 13 kids and three grownups. Even though she had all this work, she made quilts for the freezing people who were at war with Germany out of scraps goods. She had made six quilts and when the Warren Ave School was still standing there was a plaque issued by the Red Cross meriting her efforts. I (granddaughter Margie) remember the pew at the Central Lutheran Church that she always sat in - fourth back on the left hand side. After she had been a widow for a few years she married a friend Gus Nielsen. They moved from Second Avenue West and later lived in the Rainier District in Seattle. I remember her Crabapple trees, her rabbits and her goats. (After this was printed, my sister Lois reminded me of all the dahlias in the front yard at the Rainier Beach house.) I also remember all her roses and her pansy's. I was only six when she died but I can still see the potholders hanging by her stove with little hand prints embrodried on them. At todays count she had 15 children, 35 grandchildren, approximately 83 great grandchildren, 112 great great grandchildren and to my knowledge about 5 great great great grandchildren!!

Carl August Paul Nitsche was possibly an only child. I understand that his father, August Nitsche died very young. His mother, Emilie Wulpins Nitsche was a baker in Brussel, Germany. Carl was at one time a Deputy Sheriff in Fargo, North Dakota. In the late 1800's he decided to head for the Alaskan Gold Rush. The family got as far as Spokane where they lived for a few years. It was said that he instilled a lot of good habits into his children. Such as don't pass the woodshed without getting an armload of wood and another good habit was looking ahead for signs of animals when out in the woods. He was in the furniture repair business, making custom made davenports and chairs. This shop was located at First and Republican streets in Seattle. He also worked for the old Seattle Hotel. When he died his shop was in the 600 block on Queen Anne Avenue at the foot of the counterbalance. He died of an obstruction of the bowels and a hernia.

My Own Family

mom and dad July 4, 1926A picture of my parents C. Samuel Dainard and Margaret Nitsche. This picture taken July 4, 1926.

Our Family in  1945

My Mother, myself-Margie my Dad My Sisters and Brothers - Eileen, Sam, Darold, Lois taken in 1945

A Virtual Memorial

My Dad - Notes from his mother's cookbook!My dad weighed 11 1/2 pounds when he was born. At 2 1/2 months he weiged 18 pounds and at 5 months 22 1/2 pounds. At one year he was 32 1/2 pounds and 30 1/2 inches tall. His mother was an accomplished violinist and artist. Sam as he was known loved his children. He played piano, accordian and sometimes the violin. He died in 1949 of Hodgkins Disease.

My Mom - Mom loved roses and pansys as did her mother. Mom's Desert Rose cookie tier plate is a special memory for the grandchildren as she always had it filled with her special cookies at holiday gatherings at her house. She sure made good cookies over the years - especially her gingersnaps and sugar cookies! Mom did a lot of canning - our folks even canned meat - memories of that home canned beef - delicious! Some of the canning they did was in cans - they did this at home. We had our own cow and lots of milk and dairy products and we made our own butter and cottage cheese. Aunt Marie and Uncle Charlie lived not far from us at Spring Glen in Renton, Washington where we had twenty acres. When we were kids we cut our own Christmas trees in the woods on the property. Our folks moved to Renton, Washington with four children in 1932 and Margie (myself) was born at home there in 1935. Our family moved to 517 2nd Ave West in Seattle in 1942. The property was one of the original "Denny" properties in Seattle. As a school girl mom attented Queen Anne High School (class of 1926) and all of her five children did as well. She also attended Warren Avenue Grade School as did Lois, Eileen and Margie. The school was located where the Space Needle now stands. We always had a piano at our house. Mom loved to play and sing hymns. When the kids were old enough we played together. Sam on his cornet, Lois on violin and Eileen on clarinet. My dad sometimes playing the accordian along with them. Darold and Margie both took piano lessons. Mom cooked on a wood cook stove until the fall of 1949 when we moved to Queen Anne Hill. The wood stove turned out some good eating - a favorite memory is her cinnamon rolls. We always had oyster stew on Christmas Eve. After our father passed away in 1949 she went to work as a school secretary at Roosevelt High where she worked for about 12 years. She also liked her Hummels and loved and enjoyed all her grandchildren who adored her. In 1958 she married Joe Bates and they moved to Fall City Washington.

My Brother Sam - Sam was in the US Army at the end of the second world war and again during the Korean War. He was in the US Army band in Seoul during WW2 and I believe he was also in the band during his second time around. He loved his trumpet and also played the coronet. He had his own band during high school years and graduated from Queen Anne High in 1945. I remember the night he came home from somewhere and under his jacket he had the cutest little puppy. A little bundle of fur - we named him Duke and he was a member of the family for years.

My Brother Darold - Darold really liked to work, play golf, and play cards. He was the best pinochle player - also beat me constantly when playing checkers. He was pretty good at hearts, gin rummy and poker, too. He would have enjoyed this new technology that is with us today. Also graduated from Queen Anne High and was in the US Army during the Korean War. His family was very important to him.

During the winter of 1996 I made up a complete index of this Jacobsen-Nitsche family and have files of three more generations. As it consisted of over 700 people I decided on these pages to stop with the grandchildren of Jacob and Karen Jacobsen.

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