The Medina County Aquarium Society meets on the 2nd Friday of the month at 8pm at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Rt 18, just West of I-71 (across from Aldi's) in Medina Ohio. (MAP)

We have various activities at the meetings; usually a speaker or discussion, a bowl show, a raffle, a small auction of tropical fish, plants, or other aquarium supplies, refreshments, and a lot of time to talk fish. Visitors are welcome!

Would you like to join? Click here! Then print it, fill out the form and send to the club.

A few Bulletins in PDF format:    Feb'06    Jun'08      pics from a few of our meetings:    Jan '02    Mar '02    Jan '03    Feb '03

Fall Auction 2009

will be Saturday, October 10th, 2009 at the Prince of Peace Church!
Yes, the same place our monthly meetings are held. Note that this is a Saturday auction. The auction is a great place to get new fish and unload those that you're tired of!

Auction Flyer (PDF)

Print some out and pass them around!

People to Contact for more information on upcoming events:

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The Medina County Aquarium Society extends our extreme appreciation to our supporters:

Tropical Aquarium LLC in Brunswick Ohio        Ray 'Kingfish' Lucas / Kingfish Services       RMS Aquaculture
Peter Mang / The Fish Place         Wet Pets Plus         All-Glass Aquariums   
Aquarian Flake Foods         Aquaculture Tech Inc.         Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc.         Aquarium Systems   
Aquarium Technology Inc.         Cichlids Press Books         Cichlid News Magazine         Finley Aquatic Books   
Hikari Sales USA Inc.         Jungle Laboratories Corp.         Kent Marine         Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products   
Marineland Aquarium Products         Margarita Tours         Masterson's Water Garden Center         Novalek   
Perfecto Mfg. Inv.         Python Products Inc.         San Francisco Bay Brand         Seachem Laboratories   
Tetra Sales         The Fish Factory         TFCEC         Wardley's         Zoo Med Laboratories Inc

Members, please remember these manufacturers and businesses when you shop for your pet supplies. They all support us and we should in turn support them. For without them, our club raffles, Show, and Annual Auctions would be very bleak.

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