The MCAW Project is deeply indebted to an international collaboration of the following people & organizations:

Project Consultants from Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Mark Greenberg
Dr. Edward Smith
Dr. Scott Gest
Dr. Linda Cadwell
Dr. Eric Loken
Dr. Craig Edelbrock
Dr. Ty Ridenour
Dr. Douglas Coatsworth
Dr. Connie Flanagan

Jacobs Foundation
Search Institute
Bennett Graduate Prevention Fellowship

Support & Collaboration
Prevention Research Center, Pennsylvania State University, United States
Center for Psychology, HELP University College, Malaysia
The Malaysian-American Center for Educational Exchange (US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia
Respective school principals and counselors in Malaysia

With permission granted from
The Malaysian Ministry of Education
The Prime Ministerís Department, Malaysia
The Institutional Review Board, Penn State University

Research Assistants
Dept. of Human Development & Family Studies, Penn State University, United States
Joelle Smith, Dana DiLiberto

Center for Psychology, HELP University College, Malaysia
Yap Li Ling, Koh Fui Zin, Low Yaw Dong, Sor Poh Earn, Gayathiri J., Wong Hee Mong, Stephen Megan, Dhanya Pillai, Raja Khairulanwar, Raja Khasieb, Tan Kean Seng, Mandy Goh Soen Im, Siew Ju Li

Special thanks
Dr. Sahandri Hamzah, Gerard Louis, Dr. Goh Chee Leong, Patricia Hong, Jodi Mathieu, Patricia Corbett, Mary Ann Louis, Rajan, Mildred Maldonado-Molina, Daniel Bontempo, Nordiana Zin Zawawi, Fuzi
A MCAW Thank You