The Malaysian Adolescent Prevention Program

Phase I
Assessment of Needs
A. Identification of:
1. Resource people that could assist in needs assessment
2. Resource materials that could assist in needs assessment e.g. research data, surveys, academic materials (published articles, unpublished articles, thesis), newspaper articles, policy papers, documented materials from government and non-government sources.
3. Risk factors in the community
4. Protective factors in the community
5. Socio-emotional concerns in relation to children and adolescents
6. Normative developmental trajectories in Malaysian children

B. Identification of resources to work towards addressing
    these needs

1. Universities local and foreign
2. Government ministries - Education Ministry, Health Ministry, Social Development & Welfare Ministry, Youth & Sports Ministry
3. Government agencies - Family Planning & Development Board
4. Schools headmasters, teachers, students
5. Parents
6. Community leaders politicians, religious, etc.
7. Non-government agencies Malaysian Child Resource Center, National Office of Human Development of the Catholic Church, Malaysian Care
8. International agencies UNICEF, Rand Cooperation

Phase II
A. Identifying approach in facilitating discussions with
     resource people.
B. Setting up a task-force to investigate these needs,
     prioritize and develop a plan of action.
C. Drafting a recommendation to the government.
D. Developing/Adopting a school-based, and community-
     based prevention program.
School-based prevention program
1. Identifying resources within the school system that can be used in prevention
2. Curriculum Development
3. Training principals - school management skills, disciplining skills, prevention management
4. Teacher training class management skills, problem-solving, sensitivity training
5. Counselor Training
6. Physical resources a proper counseling room, a time-out room, health clinic, upgrade of library, proper security
7. Active parent involvement PTA emphasis, volunteer opportunities

Community-based prevention program

Phase III
Experimental trials
Field trials
Large-scale implementation
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