McBeigh's PUGS
Pugs are a very special breed of dog. Our pugs are our children.  Our male, Cujo McBeigh Almighty, is a 22lb fawn pug with an adorable face and a teddy bear disposition.  He has duel registration with AKC and APR.  
Our female, Princess Nightmare McBeigh, is a 18 lb black pug.  She is a loving and protective member of our family. She is all black with out even the customary white crest on her chest.  She has a champion background and is registered with APR. 
It is our mission for prospective pug owners; to share the love a pug can bring to a home.
Our goal for our pugs is to ensure that all our puppies go to loving homes that are ready to take on the challenge of raising a pug.
Cujo, Nightmare and their first litter!
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NIGHTMARE had a miscarrage today on 26 APRIL 2006. Her May Litter did not survive. Reason is unknown but this ends our Breeding Project. Nightmare is getting fixed and will enjoy a retirement of sunny beaches and fancy drinks with umbellas in them!
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