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Aims: This aims to share research work, articles , ideas and experiences in learning as well as in teaching English language.
This also aims to encourage learners, particularly the students to ask questions or information about English as a Second Language thru e-mail.


English is very important. It is the language of the world and the web.
It is the vehicle or means  of communication for international relation, trade,business,law, tourism, economics, sales and marketing
, shipping, airlines and other areas or means of transportation,import & export, continous education or higher degree of learning, literary works, journalism, broadcasting or in other form of entertainment, computer,programming and internet access, travel, future employment and promotion to a higher position that leads to a cozy life and success.
Ten Tips in Learning the
English Language:

2. go to school,institute
college or university and study well
3. go to the library to research and go to the bookstore to find out the latest published material about English
4. consult the dictionary
5. be a good listener to a teacher , professor, lecturer or speaker (native or bilingual)
6. learn the basic daily expressions 
7. use useful and informative educational materials such as books, newspaper, tapes, television, video,compact discs or video CD, etc.
8. do or join activities like chants, games , role pay or acting out from a video or movie screen
9. speak out and don't be so
conscious about the mistakes,it's just natural
10. daily or constant actual practice of English conversation.

Riddle: The letter M
Why? The answer to this riddle requires that you look at the spelling
of the words, not their meanings!
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Web Page for English as a Second
or Foreign Language by:

"Education is the key to Success"
"Education is Continous Learning"
" Think Positive- Look at the Brighter Side of Life'
"Effective Communication is a Key to Understanding and Success"
"True love is the bridge to  Happiness>"
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