I would like to say thank you and credit the following sites. These are the sites and sources in which I specifically borrowed pictures, information, and so on, I would like to ask that you visit them as a token of appreciation for helping this site to exist. Most of them also appear in the links section. Thanks.
ben01-09 are from

ben10-13 were scanned by me from the September 2002 issue of
Teen People magazine.

ben14 was scanned by me from some magazine i'm not sure which one i have a whole bunch.

ben15-16 were scanned by me from the Feb 8-14 issue of
TV Guide.

ben17-21 are from
Yahoo! Movies.

ben22 is from
E! Online.

ben23-26 were scanned by me from the September 10, 2001 issue of
People magazine.

ben27-30 were scanned by me.

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