Grimm's Fairy Tales

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Sweetheart Roland

Hans Christian Anderson

The Red Shoes

The Little Match Girl


H C Anderson

Brothers Grimm



As a child I spent many happy hours reading fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. I immersed myself in these stories filled with greed and comeuppance, love and hate, right and wrong. I read the stories to my little sister as we sat by the fire on cold winter nights. In the darkness of our bedroom we discussed the messages of how to live a good, caring and giving life and how to avoid the consequences of badness until we drifted off to sleep. As a mother I shared these same stories with my children and thought all children were as lucky.

I drive a school bus and have occasion to speak to the children who ride on my bus. I have been surprised and saddened by the realization that not many young children today have even heard of Hans Christian Anderson or the Grimm brothers. They are familiar with the Disney versions of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White but are not aware of the authors or the original writings. They are not aware of the treasure trove of stories to be read and cherished.

Here I want to share a couple of those stories with our young people in the hopes that it will wet the appetite of at least a few and those few will let their imaginations fly and get as much enjoyment and as many good memories from these stories as I have.

Happy Reading