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Welcome to my home page

ďItís about being in the right place at the right timeĒ

Hopefully here you will find a place to go to. If not, keep trying and donít let yourself down. There is a place for you out there. If everything else fails, have a go at Tai chi and you might get a big surprise!

Try going to Manresa for a start. A small town in the sticks of a small country, you can find charm in its winding streets and San Francisco hills. Just up the road from Barcelona and five minutes away from the countryside of beautiful Catalunya.

From here, flying only twenty-seven hours south-east, you can arrive to Sidney just like my dear friend did (hi there!). A nice city by the looks of it. Doesnít it make you want to go there?

After having had a good look around, go all the way back west to green Ireland. Itís a wonderful place to visit if you have a good raincoat. Start in its capital, Dublin, home of famous writers and of Guinness, where you can appreciate the contrast between the old side and the new side of town. Also with a bit of luck you may catch a glimpse of some famous and some not so famous Rock band membersÖ

About four or five hours away, in the west coast, there is Galway, a really charming town, full of young people and lovely coffee shops, and of course pubs.

For information about anything Irish check this out, the Irish hub

During all this travelling you may find yourself in need of a Translation. Have a good look at the kind of work I do, and offer me a really good job!

You will also find a lot of useful links if you are a translator.

Or you can visit Stumbleine, my Smashing Pumpkins tribute site. Even though they donít exist as such anymore, they will always be alive in the hearts of their fans.

You must have a look at my other halfís home page, deladsplace, where you will ultimately do a lot of head scratching, wondering what is it all about!

Enjoy yourself at my Favourite links page, which contains some very interesting links for everybody.

And finally, this is the brightly new web site of the language school where I work. You can see pictures of us, of our town, and you will find a good few useful links for learning English on the net. Of course if you really want to learn, the best thing for you to do is to come and visit us at Babel.

I guess thatís it for now. I hope you enjoy the contents and that you visit again. It will be updated accordingly with time and patience.

ďTo keep it alive it needs the effort of all us mortals together ď

You can send me an e-mail if some of the links donít work and Iíll try to repair them.

And donít forget to visit and sign my Guestbook

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