Welcome to the McCord Family Farms Website! We are located in Elmore County in beautiful Tallassee, Alabama. We have recently started rebuilding our flock. Our goal is to incorporate excellent blood lines so that our boys will have a great time showing. Please visit the links below to learn more about us or more about the sheep business. Be sure to sign our guest book at the bottom of this page and tell us what you think about our site!

Our Flock

This page will tell you all about our sheep including bloodlines and everything you could want to know about them. As I mentioned earlier, we are just rebuilding our flock so our current numbers are small, but as the years pass we hope to have a pasture full!

Here are the cuties!! These are pictures and stories of all of our new arrivals that are born on our farm.

Here are some pictures and links to a few of the shows that our boys have shown at.

Medical Tips
We have surfed and surfed the internet for medical assistance in lambing, diseases, infections, prolapses and so many more complications that you have on a farm. This site contains help for some of the problems as well as links for more information.

Feed Tips
Ahhh, the perfect feed. Has anybody found it yet, locally? These are some of the different feeds and mixes that we have used along with what has worked for us and what has not.

Kid Stuff
Here we have a collection of "fun facts", coloring pictures and other fun crafts for parents and kids to do together.

An acquired list that any sheep farmer/shower needs to take a look at.


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