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John McCornack’s Family

John C. McCornack
Yukon, Oklahoma


My name is John C. McCornack
I live in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Thanks for being part of my world ! The world of country driving, watching sunsets, creek walking, looking at red dirt, photographing windmills and old barns, study of genealogy, love of Scotland and Native American Culture, and collecting the history of my home town ... Cloud Chief, Oklahoma..... Also sharing of my experiences of working as an Engineer for 37 years for Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois where I had worldwide responsibility for developing turbochargers.

I graduated from the Cloud Chief High Sschool in 1955. After we graduated we started on a 16 day Senior Trip. Above is how I looked when we arrived at a motel in El Paso, Texas. The trip continued to California, Las Vegas, and Colorado.

Elaine and John McCornack in 1959 about one year before we got married. Photo taken at Oklahoma State University where we were attending school.

We were married on July 9, 1960 at Foss, Oklahoma. Elaine made my life wonderful in our home in Peoria, Illinois.

Marcia and Steve..... Our two children and our family was now complete. This photo was made in 1967.

Marcia graduated with honors
from Illinois State University and Oklahoma University.

Marcia's Wedding on 14 May 1988
at Norman, Oklahoma.

Robert and Marcia in November 1997
Note Robert has on the famous tiger necktie.

Mary Beth our grand child
and the center of our family.

Steve graduated with honors from DeVry

Steve and Sheila were married
making our family more complete.

Brother Robert, Sister Clara, John McCornack

John and Elaine..... March 1998


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John McCornack

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