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This site contains information relating to the MacCrimmons dating back to 1425. This site has been created for any McCrimmon and MacCrimmon Family members to place their family information or perhaps add a link to their own home page.

Creating this website has been a labour of love for me. I could not have accomplished it without the help of all the contributors,especially Malcolm R. MacCrimmon, who has been researching this family for over fifty years and our dear "Doonald" whom I finally got to meet in person on our recent trip to the UK. Doon was our tour guide and along with his wife. Ann, made our trip very special. Doonald is also the co-administrator of this website. Through this site, I have been in contact with MacCrimmons from all over the world and love to hear from my distant cousins. This site could not have become what it is today without the contributions of so many! Please take a moment to visit our message board so that others may find you, or to contact others who have messages or queries.

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Please feel free to request a page on this site to showcase your family branch.

Our trip to England, Scotland, and France was wonderful. We also enjoyed meeting Marion Lees, Alan McCrimmon, Jimmy, Joan & Donald McCrimmon, Spike & Audrey at Borreraig Park as well as seeing Iain and Charlotte MacCrimmon again. Going to Skye was the highlight of our trip!

A trip to see and hear Calum MacCrimmon's band, Breabach, was great! Patsy Reid, Donal Brown, Ewan Robertson and Calum MacCrimmon are fantatic musicians and great performers. Here's a link to their website:


We left home on April 3, 2009 and returned on April 26th!

Pictures can be viewed here:

Our 2009 Trip

This site is dedicated to my daughter, Lorena Dawne Soff, who passed away December 2001, in the prime of her life and to my father, Howard Walter Brown, a WWII Veteran who died in September of 2005.

Lori and Dad


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