"an intimate worship experience..."   "I love the music!"   "an opportunity to really connect with God..."
7:00 PM @ MCC Austin
8601 South First Street in Austin, Texas  (click here for a map)
Praise:  to commend, applaud, express admiration; to extol in words or song, to magnify, to glorify.

Worship:  to respect, honor, adore; treating with reverence.
Come join the members & friends of MCC Austin, our Pastor, Rev. Ken Martin, and the FREEDOM Praise Team, led by Kris Nilsen, for an evening of life-changing worship, annointed teaching & powerful prayer.

We call this a "praise & worship" service because it is focused around praising & worshipping God through music and singing songs that tell of God's goodness and invite the very Presence of God into our lives.

If this kind of service is new to you, we want you to know you are perfectly welcome to simply come and experience it at your own comfort level.

Maybe you have experienced & loved this kind of service in other churches, but you became turned off by fundamentalist teachings & a lack of acceptance.  We want you to know this is a place where you will encounter people who believe in a loving God.  We are a caring, inclusive & progressive Christian church. 
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Pursuing Christ,
The Members, Leaders & Pastors of MCC Austin
An Invitation...
"Praise the Lord!  Praise God For acts of power; praise God for surpassing greatness.  Praise God with the sounding of the trumpet.  Praise God with the harp and lyre, praise God with the tambourine and dancing; praise God with the strings and flute, praise God with the clash of cymbals, praise God with the resounding cymbals.
Let everything that has breath, PRAISE THE LORD!"
Psalm 150
What is Praise & Worship?
Here are my thoughts...
Kris Nilsen, Worship Leader
"Lifting up the Name of Jesus"
Ministry Opportunities

Band Needs:  Drummers; Bass Guitar Players; Guitarists Electric/Acoustic; Vocalists; Piano Players; Brass & Wind Instruments; Lighting & SOUND TECHNICIANS; etc...

Lay Ministry Needs:  Greeters; Ushers; Communion Celebrants; Prayer Partners; Readers... etc.

Please contact
Kris Nilsen, the Worship Leader or Rev. Dr. Kate McClennan if you're interested in being involved in the Saturday Night Worship service!
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