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Wow! It's been a long time since I've been here to update these pages. We've been lots of places. We've been to Florida and back to California. We've been able to visit family in Oklahoma and Las Vegas. I'm on MySpace now, and really haven't been blogging on Xanga or Yahoo. I might switch back if I get fed up with MySpace, but I'm actually really enjoying it now. I've been able to get back in touch with a lot of old friends, as well as being able to keep in touch with everyone else. I really haven't invited everyone else there, but I may get there at some point. My blog there is actually fed into my 360 blog, so other than the pictures and videos and stuff, it's mostly the same.

I will try to get this site updated again, there are probably lots of pages I just need to get rid of, but I'm such a packrat, even my website is cluttered, lol. Talk to you soon~

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