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OSNews > Thread > "RE[6]: ???" by b3timmons OSNews Forgot Password · Register Login to OSNews Username or EmailPassword Search OSNews Advanced Search Submit News RSS Home Originals Conversations News Archive Resources Topics FAQs Contact Eben Moglen: GPLv3 Not About MS and Novell Linked by Thom Holwerda on Tue 29th May 2007 miami nursing opportunity 17:22 UTC, submitted by FreeRhino "One of the highlights of my visit to San Diego for the Red Hat Summit was the opportunity to buying opportunity for ultrashort financial sit down one-on-one with Professor

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Eben Moglen. From that interview, we have selected six segments on various topics for your viewing pleasure, and will be publishing one what is opportunity cost each day this week. home based job opportunity First up, an explanation home based business opportunity information of all the things that GPLv3 is about other than the MS/Novell deal." 0   30 Comment(s) Thread beginning with comment 243959 To view parent comment, click business opportunity japan here. To read all comments associated with this story, please click here. RE[6]: ??? by b3timmons (3.72) on Wed 30th May 2007 00:40 UTC in reply

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to "RE[5]: ???" Member since: 2006-08-26 Fans: 4 It's not immoral to license one's work how one sees fit, be the license open or closed. This is the kind of opinion that is constructive to debate. To try to be more on-topic, here's a counter-opinion, which is very much in keeping on why anyone should consider the GPL: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/freedom-or-power.html Of course, the big fort carson equal opportunity step is really not the GPL itself, but any license which respects home wellness opportunity the four freedoms: X11, revised BSD, etc. Edited 2007-05-30 00:46 ReplyParent Bookmark Score: 3 RE[7]: tropical business opportunity ??? by Hiev (1.64) the opportunity on Wed 30th May 2007 01:31 at home business opportunity in reply corporate opportunity doctrine texas to "RE[6]: ???" Member since: 2005-09-27 Fans: 1 When users lack the freedoms that define Free Software, they educational opportunity association can't tell what the software is doing, can't check for back doors, can't monitor possible viruses and worms, can't find out what low cost business franchise opportunity personal information is being reported (or stop the reports, even if they do find out). If it breaks, they can't fix it; they have to wait for the developer to exercise its power to do so. If it simply isn't quite what they work opportunity credit need, paternity opportunity declaration they are stuck with it. They can't help each

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other improve it. Some one opportunity seekers mailings list companies needs licensing opportunity seo sem to tell them that propietary software can also be open source so the owner can fix it. What a narrow home based preschool business opportunity mind. ReplyParent Bookmark student opportunity fund- ontario canada Score: 1 Distributed software by b3timmons (3.72) on Wed 30th May 2007 02:15 in franchaise opportunity reply

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to "RE[7]: ???" Member fitness center franchise opportunity information since: 2006-08-26 Fans: 4 Some one needs to tell gas station franchise business opportunity information them that propietary software can also be moneylogic opportunity open source so the owner itil job opportunity resume florida can fix it. What a narrow investment opportunity mind. "open source" and "free software" typically apply just to distributed software. Since an owner does business opportunity reviews not need to distribute software to himself, it is a moot point: no one would bother looking for constraints on the owner. promotional job opportunity toronto mississauga Indeed, a license is irrelevant in how the owner equal housing opportunity logo can relate to what he owns--an uninteresting special case. ReplyParent Bookmark Score: 5 Read more of this thread... Recent make money brokering opportunity Original Stories The Coco Bidet and Toilet Technology posted 2008-07-23 The VTronics iMedia100 Internet Radio posted 2008-07-22 Multiple Return Values in Java posted 2008-07-17 Recent managment opportunity Comments RE[5]: Comment by moleskine by righard RE[5]: Comment by satan666 - naw.. by PlatformAgnostic RE[10]: soft updates by wmen business opportunity evert RE[2]: Still Linux-friendly? by mksoft RE[2]: Still Linux-friendly? by mksoft Headlines OSNews Staff Blog OSGalaxy Gnomefiles Go! Polaroid by Thom Holwerda New computer by Thom Holwerda Music video shot opportunity house reading with the HV30 by Eugenia Loli-Queru Travel Gadgets by Eugenia Loli-Queru Great Expectations business opportunity leads by Eugenia Loli-Queru Random Comments RE[4]: Well.... posted 2007-04-15 22:38:19 by bornagainenguin RE restaurant business franchise opportunity posted 2006-12-19 14:12:08 by Kroc RE[7]: Perhaps... posted 2007-07-17 05:32:17 by Redeeman Better posted 2007-08-20 01:39:58 by Obscurus Security posted 2006-03-25 12:26:09 by nxsty Random Stories The Last Linux on the Desktop Article -- Hopefully posted 2004-01-26 Mini-Review: dbRadar - Not Quite it project opportunity evaluation template Ready for Primetime posted 2003-11-25 Interview powerful business opportunity with Michael Speck of LGames posted 2002-08-11 Random OS Links MenuetOS Tru64 ReactOS TriangleOS AROS OSNews Privacy Statement  |  Notice to Bulk job opportunity Emailers © equal response opportunity 1997-2008 OSNews LLC. All Rights Reserved. OSNews and fast food business opportunity the OSNews logo are trademarks of OSNews. Source Code © 2007-2008, equal credit opportunity act Adam Scheinberg Reader comments are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for them in any way. All trademarks, icons, and logos shown or mentioned in this web site are the property of their respective owners. OSNews.com uses icons from the Tango Project and FamFamFam. Reproduction of OSNews

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