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Welcome to McDoodlings Home
Hello and welcome to my home page. On this site you may view and d/l some of the digital images, or "doodlings", that I have created, working primarily with Paint Shop Pro.  Some of these images consist of retouched photos taken by me, or original graphics done with the many filters, tubes, or plug-ins that are adaptable with the PSP program. I am indebted and grateful to the many talented folks who I have met along my journey and who have inspired me, either directly or indirectly, to pursue this art of digital imaging and stationery making, and I thank you.  My goal is to one day create r/l color prints of these images for public or private viewing.     
Please e mail me if you would like a larger, higher- resolution file size for print or personal use.  You are welcome to use these images for personal or commercial use, but please credit me and link this site if you do so.  I welcome feedback and questions.  Please come back often for updates as I build this site.  Thanks for looking. :-)
New York City Twilight
The Abandoned Cedar Pt. Lighthouse 2009
East Hampton, NY Beach House 2009
Sailing in the Sunset 2008
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The Gargoyle of E 23rd Street