Brightest blessings one and all.

My name is Lady Temple Phoenix Rising .

I currently have a group that is up and running but at this time we are small and will remain so as we all have had things in life throw us curve balls.

You can look us up at  However I do appologize in advance but the website is currently underconstrustion , also the name hasn't changed as the person that was doing the graphics for me has moved and doesn't have access to fix them for me at this time..

A little background on me, I was for 27 years a born again christian.  I had several questions that I was not able to get answered until a dear friend of mine told me of thier beliefs.  Thinking I would be the good christian I was I started reading up on Wicca thinking that I would be able to show them where they were wrong but instead I found my place in life.

I am not against anyone who is christain as I feel each and every one of us has the right to believe how ever we want.  I will not try and convert you to my belief system nor will I tell you that you are wrong and I request that you give me that same right.

I have never been happier in all my life and I know that this is the path that I was meant to be on.

I have made many mistakes as I grew up in the craft and wish at times that I could correct those mistakes but all I can do is continue to learn from them and move on.  I have appologised to many for my past actions and most have accepted them however as with anything in our lives some have not and refuse to listen.  I wish those that wish me harm the best in thier lives and ask only that they leave me now in peace as I leave them and thier ways in peace.

I  had to make a sacrifice and find homes for two of my cats it broke my heart but I had to make a choice of living in my own place or living with my parents.  I could be on my own and keep one cat or live with my parents and have all three.  With the history of my parents and myself I chose to live free and only have one.  The other two now live with the person that gave them to me in the first place and I have not seen them since. I have since added another fur baby to the house hold and both cats are happy now.

I recently found someone to spend my life with and was married on December 19, 2005. We not only are legally married but also were handfasted on that date.

Another life milestone was that on February 19, 2006 I welcomed into the world my daughter Amanda LeAnn. 

I am of Scottish/Irish decent with Italian in there as well so you can see how becoming a pagan was kinda in the blood.

I love all things in nature and I believe that everything was placed here for our benefit.  I do support hunting for food but not for sport.

When I origioinally started this website it was to show all the things I enjoyed doing but that has changed since the birth of my daughter.  So I will be doing some changes here and there but mostly some things will be going away and other things will be taking thier place.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the stay here.  Don't hesitate to leave me a message on my guest book as this is my first website all critisim is welcome.

Merry Part