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This documents the ancestors and descendants of Reverend Maurice (or Morris) WITHAM, who came to Ohio in 1800 from Maine and founded Withamsville, Ohio (in Clermont County just east of Hamilton County and Cincinnati.) Maurice's ancestors came to America in the mid-1600's from Steeple, Essex County, England. Essex County is in East Anglia, in south-east England, north-east of London, near the North Sea. The town of Witham and the Witham River are both in this area of England. Interesting information about the town of Witham and the surrounding area from the Domesday Book of 1086 can be found at the Domesday Witham site. Maurice's ancestors originally came to Boston, Massachusetts about 1650 and settled in Kittery, York County, Maine (in the southern part of Maine near the Saco River and Massachusetts) about 1657.





1. Thomas WITHAM b: about 1565 in Stansgate, England. His brothers were William WYTHAM of Feering (5 miles northwest of Witham), Peter WITHAM of Stansgate and John WITHAM [from will of William WYTHAM, 13 Nov 1592, source: Essex Archdeaconery Court Wills 1591-1597, by Frank Emmison. Peter appears as a frequent witness on other wills as well.] Thomas was a yeoman, indicating a life as a farmer of some substance and standing in the community. 

The original wills of Thomas, dated 1601, and William, dated 1592, are still on file in the Essex County Record Office in Chelmsford, England. From Thomas' will it can be inferred that he died about 1601 in Steeple Parish, Essex County, England. 

Stansgate was a small abbey farm area adjacent to the small town of Steeple in southeast England, on the Blackwater River, very near the North Sea, north east of London. Much of the time the Stansgate abbey did not have an operating parish church, therefore residents of Stansgate were members of Steeple parish. The area was and remains a low-lying marshland area of farms and small villages, very close to the sea and isolated from major population centers and roads. It is referred to as the Dengie Hundred (hundred referring to a grouping of parishes, a sub-area of a county.) 

The nearby village of Maldon on the Blackwater River was the site of the last stand of Byrhtnoth, Earl of Essex, against a Viking horde in the year 991 AD. The battle was  immortalised over a 1000 years ago in a famous Anglo-Saxon poem. Information about the battle and photos of the area can be found at the Battle of Maldon website.

In his will Thomas passed on manor hold property rights to farms in Chich St. Osif, which lays across the Blackwater River from Stansgate, indicative of the fact that it was easier to get around on the water than by land. [Information gathered during John and Teri McElroy's 1997 visit to Essex County (Witham, Steeple, Stansgate, Maldon area) and from the Essex County Record Office in Chelmsford.]

Map of the eastern part of central Essex - Dengie Hundred including Steeple and Stansgate - 1678

Essex County, England

Northey Island in Blackwater River at High Tide - Maldon, England 


The town of Witham is nearby. It is likely that the surname Witham was taken at some time when the family moved from Witham to a neighboring town. 

Thomas married Ann GAYWORD (b: 6 Jun 1568, daughter of John GAYWOOD). Their nine children:

2 Henry WITHAM

2 Thomas WITHAM b: about 1590

2 John WITHAM b: about 1592

2 James WITHAM b: about 1593

2 Daniel WITHAM b: about 1594

+2 Peter WITHAM (I)

2 Mary WITHAM b: about 1597

2 Dorcas WITHAM b: about 1598

2 Anne WITHAM b: about 1600, m. Jerome STAMER.


2. Peter WITHAM (I) b: in 1595 in Steeple Parish, Essex County, England. He married Mary LUFKIN in 1626 in Steeple Parish. Their children:

+3 Peter WITHAM (II)

3 Thomas? WITHAM b: about 1630



3. Peter WITHAM (II) b: about 1627 in Steeple Parish, England. He also used the surname WITTUM. He emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts where he married Redigon CLARK (b: about 1626, d: after 1700) on 17 Jun 1652. Their marriage was recorded in the London Archbishop's Office. Note they were married in Boston only 32 years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth. Boston, England the port which the Pilgrims originally tried to leave England from, is in the same area of England as Steeple and Witham. They lived in Kittery, York County, Maine. In colonial times, Maine was part of the Massachusetts colony. He died about 1697 in Kittery. (Records indicate he was living on 15 Jan 1696/97.) Their ten children:

4 Mary WITHAM b: 15 Apr 1653 in Boston, Massachusetts.

4 Elizabeth WITHAM b: 26 May 1654 in Boston, Massachusetts. d: May 1654.

+4 Peter WITHAM (III)

4 Ichabod WITHAM b: about 1658, in Kittery, York, Maine.

4 William WITHAM b: about 1660, in Kittery, York, Maine. Married Mary Nason.

4 Sarah WITHAM b: about 1664 in Kittery, York, Maine. Married George BRAWN.

Second marriage to William SANDERS in 1695.

4 Hannah WITHAM b: about 1669 in Kittery, York, Maine. Married Constant RANKIN in Kittery about 1688.

4 Elizabeth WITHAM b: about 1670. Married Zachariah TRICKERY.

4 Ruth WITHAM b: 1672. Married Moses BOWDY or BOODY.

4 Abigail WITHAM b: about 1674. Married Samuel JOHNSON in 1695. d: 1705 in Eliot, Maine.


4. Peter WITHAM (III) b: 15 May 1656 in Boston, Massachusetts, surname also WITTUM. Called Peter Senior in 1705-06. In a deposition of Apr 1729, at age c. 72, he indicated that he was a soldier at Blue Point under Capt. Wincoll 52 or 53 years before (i.e. in 1676/1677). He died after Jul 1730. He married Agnes (or Annis or Eunice?) WITHAM (Witham likely not her maiden name, died about 1730) in 1684 in Boston, Massachusetts. They lived in Kittery, Maine. Their ten children:

5 Peter WITHAM (IV) b: about 1684. d: after 1761. Married Judith GATTENSBY, 3 Aug 1713.

+5 John WITHAM

5 Daniel WITHAM b: about 1686. Married Hannah TIDY (sister of Elizabeth TIDY, who married Daniel's brother John) in 1726. 6 Hannah WITHAM or WITTUM was their daughter, she married Arthur BRAGDON (is Maurice WITHAM's wife Hannah BRAGDON related to Arthur?).

5 Andrew WITHAM b: about 1688. Married Ann BEARD in 1715. 6 Ebenezer WITHAM was their child.

5 James WITHAM b: about 1690. Married Elizabeth DROWN on 12 Mar 1719/20 in Kittery.

5 Samuel WITHAM b: about 1691.

5 Abigail WITHAM b: about 1692. Married Michael BRAWN (brother of Richard BRAWN, son of George BRAWN, step-son? of Sarah WITHAM - Abigail's aunt).

5 Eunice Anne WITHAM b: about 1694. Married Richard BRAWN (brother of Michael BRAWN, son of George BRAWN, step-son of Sarah WITHAM - Eunice's aunt).

5 Benjamin WITHAM b: about 1696. Married Mary RANKIN on 11 Mar 1726/27 in York City, Maine.

5 Ichabod WITHAM b: about 1697. Died: 24 Mar 1755 in York City, Maine. Married Deborah SPENCER, 8 May 1734 in York City.


5. John WITHAM b: 1685 in Kittery, York County, Maine. He married Elizabeth TIDY (b: about 1682, daughter of Robert TIDY and Sarah LIBBY, sister of Hannah TIDY who married John WITHAM's brother Daniel) on 8 Jan 1707/08 in Kittery. Their eight children:

6 Elizabeth WITHAM b: 13 Sep 1708 in Kittery. Married James OLIVER on 28 Dec 1728 in York City, Maine.

6 John WITHAM b: 25 May 1711 in Kittery. Married Lydia RAMSDEL on 31 May 1733 in York City.

6 Zebulon WITHAM b: 8 Aug 1713. Married Mary WITHAM(?) on 27 Jan 1747/48 in York City.

6 Eleazer WITHAM b: 8 Dec 1715 in Kittery. Married Abigail LINSCOT on 18 Aug 1739 in York City.

+6 Gideon WITHAM

6 James WITHAM b: 16 Jun 1719 in Kittery.

6 Katherine WITHAM b: 10 Nov 1723 in Kittery. Died on 13 Mar 1727/28 in York City.

6 Nathaniel WITHAM b: 23 Dec 1725 in Kittery.


6. Gideon WITHAM b: 25 (or 21) Sep 1717 in Kittery, York County, Maine. He died about 1765 in York City, Maine. He married Catherine SOAMES (b: 2 Aug 1709 in York City) on 12 May 1739 in York City. Their seven children:

7 Nathaniel WITHAM b: 3 Mar 1737/38

7 Catherine WITHAM b: 18 Jun 1740

7 Gideon WITHAM b: 6 Apr 1742

7 Hannah WITHAM b: 2 Dec 1744

+7 James WITHAM

+7 Maurice P. WITHAM

7 Abigail WITHAM b: 19 Jul 1756 in York City. Married Samuel WELCH on 1 Sep 1775 in York City.



7. James WITHAM b: 2 Nov 1747 in York, York County, Maine. He left Maine and moved to the Northwest Territory (Cincinnati area) about 1794. He died after 1812 in Hamilton County, Ohio. He married Rachel MILLER (b: about 1748 in Maine, d: after 1817 in Hamilton County) on 2 Aug 1770 in York, Maine. Their seven children:

8 Robert WITHAM b: 2 Feb 1769 in Maine. d: 11 May 1855 in Mason, Warren County, Ohio. Married Sarah (b: 1783, d: 1862) in York, York County, Maine.

8 Mehetable WITHAM b: 14 Jul 1775 in Maine. d: 29 Oct 1840 in Hamilton County, Ohio. Married John Rogers MANN on 11 Nov 1793 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

8 Morris WITHAM b: 24 Nov 1777 in Maine, on Saco River 18 miles from ocean. d: 25 Feb 1854 in White County, Indiana. Married Rebecca BILLINGS (b: 1791, d: 1853) about 1809 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

8 John WITHAM (b: about 1780 in Maine. Married Catherine in Hamilton County, Ohio.)

8 Gideon WITHAM b: about 1782 in Maine.

8 Rachel WITHAM b: about 1784 in Maine.

8 Abigail WITHAM b: 1783, d: 12 Dec 1841. First marriage to David BILLIU (d: 1818) in Hamilton County, Ohio. Second marriage to John H. MILLER.

7. Reverend Maurice (or Morris) P. WITHAM b: 2 (or 3) Mar 1748/49 in York, York County, Maine. He settled Withamsville in Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio in early 1800. He married Hannah BRAGDON (b: 27 Jun 1750 in Maine, d: 14 Jan 1818 in Withamsville, Ohio, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville) on 16 Jan 1772 in York City, Maine.

Hannah Witham Headstone 1818

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio

Maurice Witham made his first trip to Ohio on horseback between 1795 and 1797. He purchased a one thousand acre tract of land from George and Julius Blackburn. The land was part of a four thousand acre Virginia Military Warrant, No. 2311, granted to Captain Churchill Jones who had served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. By an Act of Congress, August 10, 1790, the young United States Government, financially unable to pay the soldiers for their service during the War, granted them the privilege of obtaining "titles to the lands lying Northwest of the River Ohio, between the Little Miami and Sciota" in the Northwest Territory. This served the dual purpose of remuneration for the soldiers and hopefully would help settle the wilderness of the West. Morris Witham's deed was dated November 28, 1803 and signed by President Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State James Madison and Secretary of War Henry Dearborn. It was recorded in the Department of State's patent of lands "granted to the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment" by Christopher Thoms, Clerk. [The original patent is in the possession of Helen Witham and her daughter, Kay, at present. Copy of deed in possession of James Bennett.]

Morris and his wife and their eight children and their families left their home in Saco Valley, Maine, along with other families from the area and migrated to Ohio. Their settlement was originally known as Withams Settlement. Morris sub-divided his property, selling some of the land to his children and their spouses for their own farms. Morris, a Regular Baptist minister as well as a farmer, along with William Robb, helped to found the Baptist church in the community.

In 1807 Morris set out for Chillicothe, Ohio to purchase more land but never returned. There is no information on the manner of his death. There is no record of his disappearance in the Chillicothe newspapers of the early 1800's.

A fascinating account of Maurice's purchase of land in Ohio and the recruiting and migration of Maine families to join him in Ohio was published in The New England Magazine, New Series, Vol. 21, Issue 6, (Feb. 1900, Boston.) Click here for a transcript of the article - Emigrating to the Ohio Country - 1798-1800 by G. T. Ridlon, Sr.

Morris and Hannah's eight children:

+8 Catherine WITHAM

+8 Olive WITHAM

+8 Abigail WITHAM

+8 Hannah WITHAM

+8 Nathaniel WITHAM

+8 Gideon WITHAM

8 Sarah WITHAM Married Thomas JOHN, of Nine Mile in Pierce Township, Clermont County, Ohio.

8 Martha WITHAM d: 1843. Married Robert LANE of Olive Branch, Union Township, Clermont County, 5 Jun 1805 in Clermont County, Ohio.

7. John BENNETT (I) lived in Maine. He was a seaman. He and his ship were lost at sea. His wife was Hannah BRIDGES who lived to be one hundred years old. A son was in the War of 1812. They had two sons:

+8 John BENNETT (II)



8. Catherine WITHAM b: 2 Sep 1774 in Maine. She died 24 Feb 1847 in Clermont County, Ohio. Catherine and her husband James BENNETT, a native of Maine or Vermont and of Welsh descent (b: 8 Dec 1766, d: 6 Sep 1841) accompanied her father Morris Witham when he came to Ohio from Maine. On 12 Apr 1806 they purchased 100 acres from Morris for $200. It was located next to what is now Fulton Grove Road. 

James  Bennett (1841) and Catherine Witham Bennett (1847) 

Headstones - Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio

Their eleven children:

9 Sussanna (or Sussannah) BENNETT m. William DOAN (or DOANE) a doctor, Representative and Senator of the Ohio legislature, member of United States Congress from 1839-1843. She moved to Pike County, Illinois after her husband's death with her grown children, bur: Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois.

9 Moses BENNETT d: in Pike County, Illinois, bur: Woodland Cemetery, Fairmount Township, Pike County.

+9 Catherine (or Katherine) BENNETT

9 Francis BENNETT m. Marianne PREBLE, 28 Nov 1839 in Clermont County, Ohio, moved to Illinois.

9 Hannah BENNETT m. Otis PREBLE, brother of Marianne Preble, 24 Aug 1824 in Withamsville, Ohio.

9 Abigail BENNETT m. Louis (or Lewis) T. MARTIN, 2 Jul 1876 in Withamsville.

9 James BENNETT, Jr. b: 1806, m. Kitty Ann COOK, moved to Illinois, lived in Pike County in 1888. d: 8 May 1890 at Calistoga, California north of San Francisco (area where Kitty's family lived).

+9 Samuel W. BENNETT

+9 Elisha (or Alysia) BENNETT

9 Rachel BENNETT b: Jun 1813, lived in Pike County, Illinois in 1880.

+9 Rueben BENNETT 

8. Olive WITHAM b: 14 Jan 1776 and died 14 Jan 1840 (or 21 Apr 1853?), bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio. She married John BENNETT (II) (b: 1765 in Maine, see seventh generation, d: 13 May 1829, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio) on 20 Jan 1796 in Fryeburg, Maine. They moved to Ohio in 1818. They originally settled in Clermont County, but moved to Hamilton County. He was a farmer. 

Olive Witham Bennett (1840) and John Bennett (1829) 

Headstones - Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio


Their eleven children:

9 Morris BENNETT


9 Hannah BENNETT

9 Catherine BENNETT

+9 Emanuel BENNETT

9 Nathaniel BENNETT


+9 Joseph BENNETT

9 Gideon BENNETT



(There is question as to whether James and John BENNETT were in fact brothers. If this is the case than the two sisters, Catherine and Olive WITHAM, married two brothers. Anna Mae Dean reports that a Clermont County History book states James and John were not brothers. However it seems a curious coincidence. If James and John were indeed brothers, than Columbus Perry and Clara Belle BENNETT, married in the tenth generation, share four great grand-parents.)

8. Abigail WITHAM b: 15 Apr 1782 in Saco ?, Maine. d: 29 Jan 1856 in Clermont County, Ohio. Married Gideon (or Gibbons) BRADBURY (b: 1779, d: 1860), a native of New England. They settled on the Witham tract east of Withamsville village. Their descendants became numerous and for many years constituted the principal part of the population of Withamsville and southern Union Township, Clermont County. Their six children:

9 Thomas BRADBURY, lived in Withamsville on the homestead.

9 Ichabod BRADBURY, settled in Pierce Township, Clermont County.

9 Gideon BRADBURY, moved to Illinois.

9 Sarah BRADBURY, married Aaron FAGIN, a successful merchant in St. Louis.

9 Huldah BRADBURY, married James POLLOCK.

9 Rachel BRADBURY, married Edward WILLIAMS.

8. Hannah WITHAM d: about 1830. Married James WARREN (d: 1830). He came to Withamsville in 1801. They lived on a farm adjoining the Bennett farm. Their seven children:

9 John WARREN, who died on the homestead.

9 Ichabod WARREN, who moved to Monroe.

9 Lawson L. WARREN, a merchant at the Gum Springs.

9 Henry WARREN, who died at Withamsville.

9 Hannah WARREN, who married into the MCCORD family.

9 Sarah WARREN, who married into the KEYES family.

9 Susan WARREN, who married into the HALL family.

8. Nathaniel WITHAM b: 15 May 1785 in Fryeburg, Saco Valley, York, Maine. d: 28 Jul 1847 in Withamsville, Ohio, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio. Married Jemima LANE (b: 12 Dec 1789, d: 28 Jan 1842, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio) 22 Nov 1805 in Withamsville. He was the owner of the second store in Withamsville. 

Jemima Lane Witham (1842) and Nathaniel Witham (1847)

Headstones - Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio

Their children:

9 Morris (or Maurice) WITHAM b: 25 Jan 1807. d: 17 Nov 1854, attorney and merchant at Withamsville.

9 Hannah WITHAM b: 7 Jan 1809. d: 5 Apr 1859. Married Alonzo Knowles of Felicity, Ohio, 23 Jul 1830.

9 Gideon WITHAM b. 14 Feb 1811 d: 30 Apr 1894, a justice of the peace. m: Elizabeth Dimmit 5 May 1833.

9 Elizabeth WITHAM b: 25 May 1813 d: 7 Jun 1815.

9 Birdsell WITHAM b: 28 Oct 1815 d: 16 Oct 1896, a doctor at Mt. Carmel, Ohio. m: Sarah PEAS.

9 Marian (or Mary Ann) WITHAM b: 24 Jan 1818, d: 28 Oct 1896, m: Nicholas GATCH of Milford, Ohio, 9 Feb 1840.

+9 Nathaniel G. WITHAM

+9 James Monroe WITHAM

9 Lamira (or Lomira) Ann WITHAM b: 19 Oct 1825, m: Samuel REED (or RICH?) of Illinois.

9 Jefferson G. (or C.) WITHAM b: 15 May 1828, d: 17 Jan 1885, a farmer. m: Elizabeth HUNT.

9 Samuel L. WITHAM b: 11 Apr 1831, d: 10 Jun 1901, a farmer. First wife Rachel NORDYKE. Second wife Elizabeth HUNT WITHAM (same individual as Jefferson's wife?).

+9 George W. WITHAM

8. Gideon WITHAM b: 16 Feb 1789 in Maine. d: 25 Mar 1862 in Withamsville, Ohio, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville. Married Esther DUTTON of the eastern part of Ohio (b: 1797, d: 27 Dec 1879, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville). They lived in Tobasco, Clermont County, Ohio. 

Gideon Witham Headstone 1862

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio

Esther Witham Headstone 1879

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio



Their children:

9 Jesse D. WITHAM

9 Nathaniel WITHAM

9 William D. WITHAM

9 Lewis D. WITHAM

9 Lucy WITHAM, married Robert KYLE of Union Township, Ohio.

9 Amanda WITHAM, married George HUNTER of Indiana.


9. Catherine BENNETT b: 12 Jan 1798 in Maine. She died 9 May 1869 in New Salem Township, Pike County, Illinois, buried in Gray Cemetery in New Salem Township. She married Thomas GRAY (b: 29 Jun 1812 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, d: 2 Sep 1876 in New Salem Township, Pike County, Illinois) on 31 Mar 1833 in Clermont County, Ohio. They moved to Pike County, Illinois after their children were born. Their children:

+10 Thomas Benton GRAY

10 John Theodore GRAY

10 Alabama GRAY

10 James Francis Marion GRAY

10 Willa Ann GRAY

9. Samuel W. BENNETT b: 18 Jul 1807 in Withamsville, d: 5 May 1863. Married Mary GRAY (b: 1812 of Irish-German descent, d: 4 May 1875 in Withamsville, Ohio) on 28 May 1832 in Withamsville, Ohio. Soon after their marriage they moved to Indiana. After two years they moved back to Ohio and settled permanently at or near Amelia. He purchased a tract of 147 acres and was a farmer for the rest of his life. They had eleven children, nine of whom were:

+10 Columbus Perry BENNETT

10 Edwin G. BENNETT b. 21 May 1852. d. 3 Dec 1854, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville.

10 J.W. BENNETT, a physician in Forestville, Hamilton County, Ohio.

10 Hannah BENNETT, married a MILLER, lived at Fort Ancient, Warren County, Ohio.

10 Elisha L. BENNETT, a teacher and farmer at Amelia on the family homestead.

10 James Madison BENNETT, a farmer in Kansas.

10 Mary L. BENNET, married a GUYMAN, resided in Wood County, Ohio.

10 Harriet D. BENNETT, lived in Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio.

10 Charles E. BENNETT, a teacher in Amelia.

9 Elisha (or Alysia) BENNETT b: 1809, a distinguished physician at Withamsville, lived on the family farm his entire life. m: Hannah SMITH 27 Aug 1836. In 1851 elected to Ohio House of Representatives by Democratic Party. They had ten children, including:

10 Zeno

10 Lawrence L. Bennett, died 1 Aug 1838, aged 1 year.

Smith D. Bennett (1855) and Lawrence L. Bennett (1838) Headstones

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio


10 Smith D. Bennett, died 8 Oct 1855, aged 1 year, 9 months and 3 days.

10 Theresa Bennett, died 31 Aug 1841?, aged 8 years and 10 days.

Theresa Bennett (1841?) Headstone

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio

10 Selestia

10 Mary Leona

9 Rueben BENNETT b: 1815 d: 1878 m: Sarah DURHAM (b:1825, d:1913), lived in Withamsville. An 1880 photo of their house in Withamsville is available at this link, the house is now known as the Village Market on Route 125 in Withamsville.

Sarah Durham Bennett

Sarah Durham Bennett Family History (received from Glenn Kendall)

They had at least one child:

10 Taylor Bennett (d: 4 June 1880?, bur: Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio)

Taylor Bennett (1880?) Headstone 

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Withamsville, Ohio

9. Emanuel BENNETT b: in 1800. He became a turner, but due to poor health he moved to a farm in Pike County, Illinois in 1847. His seven children:

10 Morgan Joseph BENNETT, a doctor.

10 Albert Warren BENNETT.

10 Lucy BENNETT, married Richard WADE.

10 Martha BENNETT, died at an early age.

10 Minnie BENNETT, married Edward COTTON.

10 Thomas BENNETT, died at an early age.

10 Mary BENNETT, married George PRATT.

9. Joseph BENNETT b: 1809 at Cherry Grove, Hamilton County, Ohio. He married Nancy ROY in 1836. Their twin daughters:

+10 Clara Belle BENNETT

10 Mara Belle BENNETT b. 22 Dec 1850, died of cholera before her wedding, buried in her wedding dress.

9. Nathaniel G. WITHAM b: 18 Sep 1820, d: 8 Oct 1899. A farmer at Withamsville. Married Rachel MCGUIRE (or MAGUIRE) (d: 1866) on 20 Nov 1845 in Clermont County, Ohio. Second wife Harriett KYLE (b: 1829, d: 1905). Children of Nathaniel and Rachel:

10 Mary A. WITHAM

10 Missouri WITHAM

+10 Malinna Josephine WITHAM

10 Alvon WITHAM

10 John WITHAM

Photo of 1897 Witham-Bennett Reunion in Withamsville, Ohio

Names for 1897 Witham-Bennett Reunion Photo


9. James Monroe WITHAM b: 5 Mar 1823. d: 6 Jun 1891 A physician at Withamsville. m: Caroline DUCKWALL. Their children:

10 Franklin WITHAM

10 George W. WITHAM

10 Olive Keziah WITHAM b: 1857. m: Frank HIGDON. Child: 11 Mabel HIGDON (b: Jan 1886, d: 1963)

9. George W. WITHAM b: 7 Feb 1834 in Withamsville, Ohio. d: 1918 in Perry, Pike County, Illinois. He was a merchant in Illinois. Married: Mary Ann DOWNER (d: 1915) 28 Oct 1855 in Pike County, Illinois. Their children:

10 Charles J. WITHAM b: 11 Jan 1857.

10 Collins Melvin WITHAM b: 20 Nov 1859. d: 20 Dec 1938. Married: Mary J. LEE (b: 23 Nov 1860, d: 26 May 1938). Children: 11 Eva May WITHAM (b: 2 May 1886 in Perry, Pike County, Illinois. d: 8 Aug 1974. Married: John Alden Edward WADE, 31 Dec 1907); 11 Rue Lee WITHAM (b: 15 Dec 1891); 11 Helen Effie WITHAM (b: 13 Sep 1897).

10 Effie E. WITHAM b: 3 Sep 1862.

10 Ellen S. WITHAM b: 16 Sep 1864.

10 Sarah WITHAM b: 16 May 1867. Married James G. AIKEN (b: 1867, d: Sep 1994 in Perry, Pike County, Illinois). Child: 11 Alta B. DUNN (b: 13 Feb 1886, d: 1904 in Perry, Pike County, Illinois).

10 Joseph M. WITHAM b: 21 Jun 1871.

10 Harvey D. WITHAM b: 1 Feb 1874.


10. Thomas Benton GRAY b: 13 Jul 1837 in Clermont County, Ohio. He married Martha Ann TEDROW (b: 10 Jul 1844, d: 20 Apr 1931) m: 4 Jan 1863. Their child:

+11 Vera Pearl GRAY

10. Columbus Perry BENNETT b: 28 Nov 1837 in Amelia, Ohio (in eastern Hamilton County, near Withamsville). He died 17 (or 21) Apr 1911. He lived and worked on the family farm until about eighteen years of age, receiving his education at the academy in the village of Amelia, except one year, 1856, at College Hill. He commenced teaching at the age of nineteen at the special school at Eight Mile, Hamilton County.

He was a Civil War Veteran. His letters to his cousin Thomas Benton GRAY written during the war detail his involvement in several campaigns and battles in West Virginia and western Virginia [transcribed copies of the letters from Anna Mae Dean]. He volunteered on 27 Jul 1861, joining the 34th Ohio Valley Infantry (O.V.I.) Regiment, known as Piatt's Zouaves . He was in Company A. about 10 Sep 1861 the regiment was ordered to West Virginia to reinforce and aid General Cox in holding that state for the Union. On 25 Sep 1861, fifteen days after the regiment left Camp Dennison they had their first engagement. 

Columbus was quoted in a local history [History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio, 1894, S.B. Nelson Co. publishers] recalling his Civil War experiences --

We first met the rebels near Chapmanville, and first learned what war meant in reality (we had fought many battles before this in our imagination); we were victorious, completely routing the rebels, wounding and capturing their commander. Our next fight was at the town of Wytheville where, although successful in capturing the place, we had the sad misfortune of losing our gallant colonel, John T. Toland of Cincinnati, who fell mortally wounded at the very onset of the fight. No braver man ever commanded a regiment than John T. Toland.

We remained in West Virginia, actively engaged in raiding towns and fighting bushwhackers secreted among the mountain rocks, until July, 1864, having been engaged altogether up to this time in thirteen fights of more or less magnitude, and having lost nearly all of our original officers and at least two-thirds of the men.

Early in July, 1864, we were ordered to join Gen. Crooks, then stationed at Martinsburg. We had no sooner reached him than we were ordered into line of battle, and commenced the advance upon Winchester. The Confederates met us on a little eminence just north of the town, and we were compelled to charge them through an open field. Here was the most thrilling fight we had ever experienced, but lasting only twenty minutes, when the rebels gave way at the point of the bayonet. We took possession of the town, rejoicing over the victory; but our rejoicing was of very short duration; for four days later General Early arrived with an army , it was said, of twenty thousand men; but be that as it may, we here record on the twenty-fourth of July, 1864, the most complete drubbing of our experience during the war. Surely it was rout, ruin, and panic in all its worst form, and it scattered all so completely that, several days afterward, the greater portion came together across the Potomac in the center of Maryland.

Some five hundred of us were even less fortunate than those who reached Maryland, for we found ourselves in the Southern Confederacy without the password, being prisoners of war. We remained at Winchester for a few days, and then under guard commenced the long march by way of Staunton and Lynchburg, into the heart of the Southern Confederacy. After about two weeks hard marching we hatless, coatless, shoeless, moneyless, and blanketless (these articles having been confiscated on the march), arrived at Danville, a town on the line between Virginia and Tennessee.

There we found four thousand Union prisoners who had preceded us, making in all four thousand five hundred, huddled together like sheep in five buildings, to commence a long seven-months' fight for our lives, pitting our strong soldier constitutions and a determined will against exposure, filth and starvation; and only those of us who possessed the former to a very high degree were able to stand the test and fight off the grim monster.

Of forty-five hundred who went in, only twenty-two hundred came out, and these but ghosts of their former selves. On March 16, 1865, the happiest day of our lives, we received the glad tidings that we were paroled. We formed into line (not a very difficult task), marched through four inches of snow, barefooted, two miles to the station, and didn't feel cold either. At the station we boarded the train en route for Richmond, Virginia, where we remained three days in Libby prison; then went aboard the steamship 'City of New York,' and landed the next morning in the city of Annapolis, Maryland.

In Annapolis, Columbus had his first square meal in eight months, consisting of thirteen dozen raw oysters. On 3 Apr 1865, being pronounced unfit for duty during the remainder of the war, he received his discharge from the service, and was sent to his home. The following September he again commenced teaching in the same special school district that he had left when he went into the war and taught there for most of the rest of his life.

He was known as C.P. and Colum. On 8 Jul 1869 he married Clara Belle BENNETT (see ninth generation, b: 22 Dec 1850 in Clermont County, Ohio, d: 1926.) Sometime after the war Clara found letters to Colum from a Southern belle, she burned them [Marianne McElroy]. The family were members of the United Brethren Church. Politically, Columbus was a Prohibitionist. The grandmothers of Columbus and Clara Belle, Catherine and Olive WITHAM were sisters, thus Columbus and Clara Belle were second cousins. Their children:

+11 Orin Worville BENNETT

11 Ivah Velle BENNETT b: 1874. Known as Ivy. Educated at Mt. Washington, Hamilton County. Married William H. MADDUX (principal of schools at Winton Place, Cincinnati). Their two children were 12 Dwight MADDUX and 12 Robert MADDUX.

Columbus, Ivy, Clara Belle, and Orin Bennett



10. Malinna (or Lavina) Josephine WITHAM b: 2 Dec 1852 in Withamsville, Ohio. d: 20 Nov 1889 in Cincinnati. Married Joseph Henry SMIZER (b: 5 Oct 1850 in Mulberry, Ohio, d. 1907 in Greer County, Oklahoma Territory, the SMIZER family history back to 1405 in Germany is available online.) on 17 Nov 1870 in Withamsville. Their children:

11 R. Bertha SMIZER b: 28 Aug 1871, d: 3 Nov 1872.

11 Daisy Maud SMIZER b: 6 Mar 1873, d: 9 Oct 1874.

+11 Mary Mildred SMIZER

11 John S. SMIZER b: 29 May 1879, d: 5 Jun 1880.

11 Archer Rue SMIZER b: 29 May 1881, d: Mar 1919.


11. Vera Pearl GRAY b: 9 Sep 1888. She died 1 Mar 1967. Married Andrew Eli DUNHAM (b: 14 Feb 1893, d: 13 Feb 1966) on 12 Dec 1917. Their child:

+12 Anna Mae DUNHAM

11. Orin Worville BENNETT b: 13 Dec 1872 (or 1871) in Cherry Grove (or Forestville), Hamilton County, Ohio (just west of Withamsville). He graduated from Woodward High School in 1890. He graduated and received his degree of LL. B. from Cincinnati Law School of the University of Cincinnati in 1894. He rode his bicycle the twenty some miles from Cherry Grove to Clifton every day. He was a lawyer and member of the Cincinnati Bar Association, admitted to the bar in 1894.

O.W. Bennett entry and photo in Cincinnati Bar Association Directory

Member of the law firm Hunt, Bennett and Utter. His offices were at No. 711 Fourth National Bank Building in Cincinnati. He was solicitor of the villages of Bond Hill, Kennedy Heights and Silverton (now part of Cincinnati), where he lived on Kennedy Avenue. He died in an automobile accident on 2 Aug 1936 in Fort Wayne, Indiana on his way to his summer home in Cheboygan, Michigan. He was known as O.W. Bennett. He married Mary Mildred SMIZER (see tenth generation, b: 10 Mar 1875 in Withamsville, Ohio, d: 21 Jan 1933 in Cincinnati, Ohio) on 13 Oct 1897 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The great-grandparents of O.W. and Mary, Catherine and Olive and Nathaniel WITHAM, were siblings, thus O.W. and Mary were third cousins. Their children are thus descended from three of Morris WITHAM's children - from Catherine via Columbus Perry, from Olive via Clara Belle, and from Nathaniel via Malinna. Their four children:

+12 Donald Witham BENNETT

12 Dorothy BENNETT d: 1903 at the age of two years.

+12 Marjorie Marie BENNETT

12 William Stewart BENNETT attended Marietta College, m. Mary GRAY (born and lives in Marietta).

12 Thomas Leroy BENNETT attended Marietta College.


12. Anna Mae DUNHAM b: 29 Feb 1920. Anna Mae was the source for much of the material in this record. Her husband is Norman Goodrich DEAN (b: 26 Sep 1913). They are farmers in Pike County, Illinois. They were married 14 Jan 1941. Their child:

13 Vera Ruth DEAN b: 21 Dec 1941. Married William Troy FELTS (b: 22 Sep 1938) on 29 Jul 1979.

13 Everett DEAN b: 21 Jul 1943.

13 Karen DEAN

12. Donald Witham BENNETT b: 15 Jan 1899. He died 10 Oct 1977. He fought in World War I in France. His wife was Vina Alene OWENS (b: 7 Jan 1897). Their children:

13 Donalene BENNETT

13 Mary Jean BENNETT

+13 James Witham BENNETT

12. Marjorie Marie BENNETT b: 16 Jun 1903 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She died May 1975 in Cincinnati. Her first husband was Harry HALL (b: in Cincinnati, Ohio). Her second husband was Myron Ybor DAVIS (b: 20 Jan 1902 in Cincinnati, d: Jun 1964 in Cincinnati). They were married on 8 Feb 1936 in Parkersburg, West Virginia. On their marriage license they indicated they were from Cheboygan, Michigan (Marjorie's father had a summer home there.) Their children:

+13 Myron Ybor DAVIS, Jr.

+13 Jerry Bennett DAVIS

+13 Marianne Witham DAVIS


13. James Witham BENNETT, b: 31 Dec 1934, married Mary BOGUE (b: 9 Apr 1935). Their children:

14 David James BENNETT b: 2 Jun 1959.

14 Barbara Bogue BENNETT b: 29 Dec 1961.

13. Myron Ybor DAVIS, Jr. b: 10 Dec 1937. He is a lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Kathy Baumgardner in 2003 in Cincinnati.

13. Jerry Bennett DAVIS b: 6 Mar 1940 in Cincinnati. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. He married Judith Rae SHOUP (b: May 1941) in Oct 1960 in Cincinnati. Their children:

+14 Jerry Bennett DAVIS, Jr.

+14 Jeffrey Michael DAVIS

+14 Julie Lynn DAVIS

+14 James Clifford DAVIS

13. Marianne Witham DAVIS b: 4 Feb 1943 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She married Daniel Nelson MCELROY (b: 21 Jul 1940 in Cincinnati) on 7 Nov 1964 in St. Teresa Church, Cincinnati.

Dan & Marianne McElroy - November 7, 1964


Their six children:

+14 John Daniel MCELROY

+14 Marjorie Marie MCELROY

+14 Sheila Mary MCELROY

+14 Mary Elizabeth MCELROY

+14 Daniel James MCELROY

+14 Michael Jerald MCELROY


McElroy Children and Grandchildren - 1996

Front Row - l to r - John D. McElroy, Jonathan M. McElroy, Mary E. McElroy, Mike C. Weber

Second Row - Teri S. McElroy, Chelsea G. McElroy, Sheila McElroy Weber, Ronald D. Weber

Third Row - Marjorie McElroy Hart, Doug Hart, Daniel J. McElroy, Michael J. McElroy


McElroy Family Reunion - April 2008

Front Row - l to r - Jonathan M. McElroy, Joseph McElroy, Davis Ballard, Dan Ballard, Mike Weber, Ron Weber

Second Row - Chris McElroy, Chelsea G. McElroy, Sheila McElroy Weber, Marianne Davis McElroy, Maribeth McElroy Ballard

Third Row - Caroline McElroy, Daniel J. McElroy, Doug Hart, Marjorie McElroy Hart, Doug Hart, Teri S. McElroy, John D. McElroy, Mike Weber, Michael J. McElroy, Daniel N. McElroy



14. Jerry Bennett DAVIS, Jr. b: 25 Apr 1961. Married Karen GOLDMANN. Their children:

15 Christopher Allen DAVIS b. Mar 1995.

15 Sarah DAVIS b. Mar 1996.

14. Jeffrey Michael DAVIS b: 29 Dec 1962 in Columbus, Ohio. Married Jamie LECOMPTE (b: in Columbus) in Dec 1992 in Columbus. Their child:

15 Natalie DAVIS b: Nov 1996 in Columbus.

14. Julie Lynn DAVIS b: 11 Jul 1965 in Columbus, Ohio. Married Donald NUMMER of Detroit, Michigan in May 1984 in Columbus, Ohio. Their children:

15 Ashley NUMMER b: Oct 1984.

15 Emily Mae NUMMER b: Apr 1988.

15 Travis Jeffrey NUMMER b: Jun 1991.

14. James Clifford DAVIS b: 4 May 1968. Married Jeanne GOLDMANN (sister of Karen GOLDMANN) Nov 1993 in Columbus, Ohio.

14. John Daniel MCELROY b: 25 Sep 1965. Graduated from Ohio State University. Systems Manager at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati. Married Teri Lynn SHOOK (b: 12 Nov 1964 in Chesterhill, Ohio) on 24 Jun 1989 in St. Bernard Church, Cincinnati.

Their children:

15 Jonathan Michael MCELROY b: 17 Aug 1993 in Cincinnati.

15 Chelsea Grace MCELROY b: 22 Dec 1995 in Cincinnati.

Jonathan & Chelsea McElroy - Christmas, 1998

John, Teri, Jonathan & Chelsea McElroy

November 27, 1997


14. Marjorie Marie MCELROY b: 10 Nov 1966. Graduated from University of Cincinnati. Customer Services Representative in Cincinnati. Married Doug HART (b: in Toledo, Ohio) on 25 June 1994 in St. Bernard Church, Cincinnati.

14. Sheila Mary MCELROY b: 15 Dec 1967. Graduated from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Computer Systems Consultant in Cincinnati. Married Michael Carl WEBER (b: Mar 1967 in Toledo, Ohio) on 21 Nov 1992 in St. Bernard Church, Cincinnati.

Their children:

15 Ronald Daniel WEBER b: 12 Oct 1995 in Cincinnati.

15 Nicholas Carl WEBER b: 9 Nov 1997 in Cincinnati.

15 Michael James WEBER b: 8 Mar 2001 in Cincinnati.

Mike, Sheila, Ronnie and Nick Weber November, 1998

14. Mary Elizabeth MCELROY b: 1 Jun 1971 in Cincinnati. Graduated from University of Cincinnati. Elementary school teacher in Cincinnati. Married Daniel James BALLARD on 22 Nov 1997 in St. Bernard Church, Cincinnati.

Their children:

15 Daniel Michael BALLARD b: 4 Sep 1998 in Cincinnati.

15 Davis James BALLARD b: 25 Apr 2001 in Cincinnati.

Dan Ballard - December, 1998


14. Daniel James MCELROY b: 15 May 1973 in Cincinnati. Graduated from University of Cincinnati. Hamilton County Deputy Sheriff. Married Christine HIATT (b: in Harrison, Ohio) Nov 1999 in St. Johns Church, Harrison, Ohio.

Their children:

15 Joseph Daniel MCELROY b: 9 May 2001 in Cincinnati.

15 Caroline Elaine MCELROY b: 16 Jun 2003 in Cincinnati (born 100 years to the day after her great-grandmother - Marjorie BENNETT.)

14. Michael Jerald MCELROY b: 16 Dec 1978 in Cincinnati. Graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Aquatic toxicologist at Pacific EcoRisk in Fairfield, California.


Some now available online. Click the underlined links below to view. Non-underlined items currently only available in hard copy.


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