As a part of social service MCERC started this organization. Our aim is to serve the forsaken dogs  which are wondering in the street. We feed them every day ,render medical aids  and shelter them. A team of broad minded youngsters are helping us. We have a separate wing for the  propaganda of preservation of wild life among the people. Our organization also stresses on vegetarian food as it is not only healthy but also helps in preserving the  animals which may become extinct. Though our organization is operated from India we are having  dedicated members from all parts of the world. They are having touch with us by E-mail and help us by giving their valuable suggestions. 

Why must I be a vegetarian ?

                                           I am hearing this very same question from a dozen of people every day through E-mail. So I want clear this question. There is no doubt that everybody know and agree the man ,as a superior to all living being.  The difference between  man and any other animal is the presence of sixth sense. Man remains superior to all animals only using his sixth sense. I should not wonder if you ask "what is the sixth sense?". The sixth sense is nothing but a feeling or action or thing that is different from that of animals. This includes honesty, planning, the mentality of helping others, showing kindness to others, the power of differentiating good and evil etc .So being a man one should not prefer to feed on the other animals . Feeding on other animals is  followed by wild animals and omnivores. They can do so because they are animals that don't have the ability of thinking or the sixth sense. Man has been  made by the God to serve other animals and so he has been given the power of thinking. More ever hunting the  animals for meat and its products affect the Ecological balance. One can think that for maintaining his/her health he/she should go for non vegetarian.But this is an absurd thought. Think of the elephant which is the largest terrestrial  animal. Is it a non vegetarian ? Finally I would like  to declare  that Non Vegetarian is Inhumanitarian.


             More tips on vegetarianism 


Vegetarianism is the practice of not eating meat. Vegetarians regard the flesh of all animals, including that of fish and poultry, as meat. Most vegetarians avoid eating meat because of moral or religious beliefs. They believe it is wrong to kill animals for food. Many vegetarians also think that eating meat is unhealthy. 

Some vegetarians exclude milk and eggs, as well as meat, from their diet because these foods come from animals. Vegetarians are divided into three groups, based on their attitude toward drinking milk and eating eggs. Lacto-ova-vegetarians include milk and eggs, and foods made from milk and eggs, in their diet. Lacto-vegetarians do not eat eggs, but they drink milk and eat such milk products as butter and cheese. Vegans avoid milk and eggs and all of the foods that are made from these animal products. 

A vegetarian diet must be well planned to provide the protein and certain other nutrients that the body needs and that meat contains. Most lacto-ova-vegetarians and lacto-vegetarians can easily plan a healthy diet because milk and eggs are good sources of high-quality protein. Milk also provides large amounts of calcium, which helps strengthen bones. Milk and eggs both contain vitamin B-12, which forms a part of red blood cells and helps the nerves function properly. 

Vegans must plan their diet especially well because no single fruit, vegetable, or grain contains the nutritionally complete protein found in meat, milk, and eggs. Beans, nuts, peas, and many other vegetarian foods contain large amounts of protein. However, these foods must be eaten in particular combinations to provide the body with nutritionally complete protein. For example, beans and rice eaten together provide complete protein, but neither food does when eaten alone. To obtain calcium, vegans must eat sesame seeds or certain green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli or spinach. Most vegans take vitamin B-12 tablets to obtain the necessary amount of this nutrient. 

Most vegetarians consume less saturated fat and smaller amounts of a fatty substance called cholesterol than most meat-eaters do  These lower dietary levels of saturated fat and cholesterol result in lower levels of cholesterol in the blood. Medical research indicates that a high level of cholesterol in the blood is associated with heart disease. Some studies have shown that vegetarians are healthier and live longer than other people. 

Vegetarianism is practiced by some religious groups, including Hindus and Seventh-day Adventists. Some people practice vegetarianism because they believe the high consumption of meat, especially beef, reduces the world food supply. They object to the fact that cattle in some countries, notably the United States, are fed grain. These people think the grain should be used for human consumption rather than as animal feed because the livestock consume more calories than they produce. Some people also believe that the land on which livestock graze should be used to grow grain. But many agricultural experts disagree. They argue that most grazing land is not suitable forming.                                       








 Proud to be a vegetarian

 If you want to serve the forsaken dogs and other animals ,you can join  our organization. By doing this you will be one among the team which cares for the uncared. Your valuable  suggestions are welcome.

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