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  1. What is the expansion of Mcerc?
  2. How can I become a member ?
  3. How can I contact Mcerc?
  4. What are the advantages of joining Mcerc?
  5. About Mcerc

Expansion of Mcerc

                            The expansion of Mcerc is "Mars Communication and Electronics Research Centre.

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Becoming a member

                                             It is very simple to become a member of mcerc. Select the branch where you want to join. Surf the relevent page from the main page of the web site. We are glad to declare that there is no fees for joining in any branch whether it is ANICARE or SCIENCE ACADEMY or MCERC RESEARCH ORGANISATION. 

[This is the answer to the question.]

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Contacting Mcerc

                                         The simplest way to contact us  is by E-mail. You can email us all your suggestions and queries.For Latest information visit us at: www.oocities.com/mcercindia

E mail:   : mcerc_india@rediffmail.com

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Avantages of joining Mcerc:

                                                             By joining in Mcerc one can develop their overall personalities especially in the fields of Electronics , information technology and communication skills.


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About Mcerc:

                                Mcerc is a research and service organization that aims at developing the scientific and relevant skills of its members. It is not a commercial concern. MCERC has  a laboratory and innovative scientists. They have developed Virtual Telephone project  which eases voice communication and video conferencing at cheaper cost. And they have  focused to the Area of fuzzy logics and   Expert Systems. Thanks to the members  of MCERC  it enjoys High Economy status and is funded by the members for research. Our target is to develop basic science knowledge among students community  and to exchange knowledge between the Scientists.  Last but not least, by  joining MCERC  you are only benefited  and we will be for serving you.

 Mcerc and its authorities are not responsible for any disputes due to the content of this web site.   

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