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Last Update - January 2009


The Cabins on the beach are having their 20th anniversary this year
and they still look band new.
The first Cabin opened in June of 1989.  Can you guess which one?

In 20 years of having fun we have added many things to make the experience more enjoyable.  This year you can travel by car to the parking lot at the Beehive via the southside subdivision road and
then our own private road. 
A great addition for river fishermen and sight seeing. 

Scenery, Remoteness, Privacy, Accessibility, wonderful Accommodations, do-it-yourself Fishing, Beach combing, Crabbing, Charter Boat availability,
all at low prices.

Sound like the place you've been looking for?  That is what Jim & Jeannie McFarland had in mind when they started building their destination lodge at Thorne Bay, Alaska back in 1988.

Located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, two miles by water from the town of Thorne Bay (population 450). 
McFarland's FLOATEL is accessibly remote. 
You will arrive by boat or float plane. 
The McFarland's will assist you with travel ideas.

Experiencing Southeast Alaska's beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife can be done right from your private log cabin, the rocking chair in the FLOATEL.  At low tide, beachcombers can view firsthand the many varieties of underwater sea life that inhabit our waters.  You can saltwater fish for several varieties of salmon, halibut, and other bottom fish.  Crab pots are available for your use and three edible varieties of clams are within a quick boating distance. 

Visitors to the FLOATEL soon learn there is more to Southeast Alaska than just fishing.   Relaxing in your  own private cabin is one of the best things about coming to the FLOATEL..
Answer to the question above: The Otter Cabin
Take yourself in one of our 15 foot rental boats, fishing, clamming, crabbing, beachcombing or sightseeing.
Your Lodging!
Our 4-deluxe beachfront log cabins (called "Mini Lodges by one of the first guests) are perfectly designed for a family excursion to Alaska both for the avid fisherman and the spouse who just wishes to relax and read a good book.
We specialize in Adventures you help plan!
They are completely outfitted with bedding, towels and kitchen supplies. Cabins have propane stove, refrigerator and hot water heater and a modern bathroom with a shower.
Free wireless internet connection and coin-op laundry facilities are available also.
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