Lifestyles of Hill Valley's Famous
Day One: Hello Album! I'm Lorraine McFly and my husband, George and I have just  moved to our new home in Lyon Estates. I hope to be able to do wonders with this place, once we get a bit more money, that is.
George: Hey, counters! I love counters!
The flecked formica finish leaves something to be desired though.
George: Hooray! There's nothing better than a light over the toliet-  how else would you do your reading and thinking?
Lorraine: Well, even though we've just moved in I've all ready begun our family album.
Lorraine: George and I talk travel.
George: We just GOT here and all ready she wants to leave!
George: Take note people, when the conversation gets tough, just go for a bit of romantic talk.
Lorraine: Hmpf!  I'm not sure if I like the thought of romantic talk been used to manipulate- but what the hey I'll be manipulated.
George: And compliments sure help as well!
George: Unless of course it isn't taken well, in which case you can just pout.
Lorraine: That's very mature, George.
George: Ah, but observe a relationship still solid!- I mean we can talk politics and not kill each other!
George: Well, my day is going well- my Letter to the Editor is in the paper!
Lorraine: You know two people are newly-weds when they laugh at ANY joke the other one tells. This joke is from a Christmas Cracker!
George: Well, they're so pathetic they're hilarious!
Lorraine: And it's particularly obvious we're newly-weds when I sweet-talk George after hearing a joke from a Christmas Cracker.
Lorraine: George gets cooking our first dinner in our new house, but I can't say it's a masterpiece.
George: I'm HURT, literally, I cut two fingers preparing that meal!
Lorraine: As afternoon comes to an end. George and I immerse ourselves in our respective interests. I'm watching a respectable program.
George: It's a soap.
Lorraine: And George talks to his book as he reads it!
George: Ah! A cozy montage! There's no better way to end the day then with a hug on the couch!
Lorraine: And our first day draws to a close- we retire to bed happy in our new house.
George: Zzzzzz
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