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27 Nov 05 Update: Moon's link to the New B Co Beasts website.

10 Aug 03 Update:

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- 29 Jul 03 Update: A link to the 26 July Richmond Times Dispatch 'Huey' article.

- 14 Jul 03 Update: The Ft Lee Slingload pictures have been move to their own page.

- 9 Jul 03 Update: Time to start up the website. But I need help. If you have pictures or something you feel would be appropriate for the site, please email McGyver
If you are looking to join the Virginia National Guard please email here instead of signing the guess book.

Going to Ft A P Hill for AT. Check out their Website.
Want a study guide for you APART oral. Then click here.
Or CLICK here for UH-60 dash 10 info.
Need a laugh. Check out this JAVA applet called "Flood Duty".

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The troopers of the 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry, a unit of the 2nd ID
they are stationed at Camps: Garry Owen, Stanton and Stanley; Republic of Korea.

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AFTP schedule. - TDP FY 2002 Drill Schedules. - TBP
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