Discount Scuba Lessons and Dive Trips from Tucson
The sport of scuba diving has come a long way since its early "Aqua Lung" days. Thousands of divers are now enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. Whatever the reason for your interest in this exciting sport, it is important that you realize the need for proper training. Mike Chenevert has certified more than 1000 students for scuba diving and his instructional program is backed by 25+ years of teaching experience.
Small, personalized classes are offered on weekends or weekdays. Private classes are also available. We meet at a mid-town location in Tucson. Class cost is only $99, which includes all instruction, materials, and equipment. No purchases are required! After completing the class, we head for beautiful San Carlos, Mexico, and the graduation dive trip. Students receive open-water certification from NAUI Worldwide, one of the oldest, most respected certifying organizations in the world.

For more information, call or email the instructor, Mike Chenevert, (1-520) 896-2870 in Oracle, Arizona.

Dive trips to San Carlos are done monthly from June to October.  The cost is
only $275 and includes 3 days of boat diving, 2 nights accomodation, and free use of all equipment.

Upcoming 2009 Trips

  • June 26-28 San Pedro Island

  • July 24-26 Window Rock

  • August 28-30 San Pedro Island

  • October 2-4 Various Near-Shore Dive Spots

    Deposits Due 30 Days Prior

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    Accomodations are large, comfortable, rental homes. This house is located on the golf course.
    How about playing 9 holes on Sunday instead of a dive?
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