Mount Carmel High School
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania

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Here you will find all the photos from the Mount Carmel, Pa High School Yearbook, Class of 1950. It includes graduates, faculty, underclasses, and various activities. The yearbook is referred to as The Carmelite. Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania is located in the anthracite coal region of the state.

This site was developed because more than 50 years have transpired since this class graduated and yearbooks have begun to seriously deteriorate or perhaps have been discarded. My yearbook, from which this site was developed, is in extremely bad shape. As a result some pictures are smudged, speckled or creased. I tried to clear up as many of the defects as I could with photo software but, mostly, it was a futile process. Furthermore, the printing techniques used to produce the yearbook back in 1950 are not conducive to producing sharp enlargements. Nevertheless, I think it fills a void. I could not find anything of a comparable nature, for this class, using many internet search engines.

If you have any criticisms, comments or suggestions I'd appreciate hearing about them. Also, I apologize for any omissions or mistakes I may have made, but please do let me know about then so they can be corrected.

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Ed Hook

The addition of biographical information for the graduates of the Class of 1950 is requested so that it may be added beneath the photographs of each person. These may be submitted by the graduate, relatives, friends or anyone else who may want to share their thoughts about someone. They may be as long or short as the writer wishes. Naturally derogatory or negative statements will be excluded. Also, if a personal web site exists for the graduate, the URL for the site will be appreciated so that a link can be established.

Email the information or send it to the address indicated above.