Online Shopping for Christmas

We are happy to inform you that the very famous De Wael Mart store have opened theirs online shopping Web-site. The most wonderful thing is that the Web-site is ready at time for Christmas and you could do your Christmas shopping from your house without get out in the rain or the cold, without do the line on the cashier and without fight against all the others people who want the same gift than you. Our online shopping offer you a lot of gift for all the Family and also some christmas decoration to make your house like the Santa home. We offer you also very competitives prices and like usual De Wael Mart is able to give your money back if you are not satisfact. So look at our articles and enjoy the web-site.

Order Now our Products

Our products are divided in different sections and there are gift for all the family:

Multimedia Products


Mobile Phone for Home

This phone is one of the best on the market and it's very usefull when you have to move in your house in staying on the phone. His answer machine is very good and it can stock more than 50 messages. Panasonic give you a guarantee for 5 years !!!


DVD Installation

With this high tech installation you could watch your movies with a very high quality of sound and image. With his sound system you could live the movie like in reality and feel like in the theater. Further more, you could use this installation to listen your CD's.


Digital Camera

This digital camera is one of the best on the market. With this camera, you could choose only the pictures that you want with a quality extremly good. Its size is very practical and you could take it everywhere.


Home Theater

With this giant size, live the movie like if would be in a actual theater and enjoy the supreme image quality. The screen is the biggest on the market for now and if you want to have the oppurtunity to have a "personal theater" at home, hurry up!


Kids Products


Baby Doll

The most liked Doll by the little kids is off course the Baby doll. With this lovely doll, you childrens could play to be a parent like you! The Doll is thicked with her beautiful cradle.


Cuddly toy Pluto

The so famous Pluto is ready to watch your children in theirs dreams. This lovely dog is so sweet that you children will adopt hem straight away. Further more, because it's Christmas, we lowered the price for a bigger pleasure for your childrens.



Star Wars Spaceship

Your childrens could soon live again the wonderful adventure of Starwars thanks to this beautiful Tie-Fighter in lego. Build and rebuild this spaceship in different ways won't be a problem because all the pieces are removable!!


Virtual Pet

A dog is too big? A cat is too nasty? A goldfish is too boring? We have what you need! Discover with this Virtual Pet the joys of playing with your pet. This new invention is just came out in Japan and the succees was huge.