My name is Anthony and I come from Belgium. I am a eigtheen years old student and I created this Web-site for share my experience of life. I live in Belgium but in November 2000 me and my parents decided that I will spend one year in United States to learn the English (because I'm very bad with this language), to discover a new culture and meet a lot of new friends. The real purpose of this experience is open my mind and become more indepedent of my family's cocoon.

Therefore, I am in Santa Rosa for 10 months and I took on my school a Web-Design class ! It's amazing because in Belgium a Web-design class are really impossible. We don't have good materials and it's often very hard for the Belgian school to receive money. In short, I took a very intersting class and we had to do a project: Create our own Web-site. I wondered during a very long time because I like so much things and I did not know what could I choose. First, I wanted to create a little guide for all the skaters who want to skate in my town (Bruxelles). But I wanted also to create a Web-site for all my life in Belgium and show all my Belgian family and also all my belgian's friends. End, at last, I would have liked to talk about my fantastic experience in United States and show you my american family who is wonderful.

I thinked during a long time and took the decision to create a Web-site which will regroup all the subject that I love. So I decided to create a Web-site which will regroups all my favorite interest. In one section of my Web-site you could see my experience in USA and all the events that I did during my first months. In another section, you could see my life in Belgium and discover my family and my friends. And finally, you could discover the skateboarding section which regroups all my knowledge about the skate in Belgium and also some of the animations that I have done with my Web-Design Class...

I really hope that you will enjoy my web-site because that's my first one and I was extremly enthousiastic about it. I created this Web-site mostly for my family (American and Belgian) and for all my friends. Therefore, it worth a lot for me... Don't hesitate to let me know what do you think about this Web-site and tell me if there is something which could be better!

Now Enjoy

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