Latin I- 4th Quarter Review Sheet                                             Nomen_______________________

I. Personal Pronouns-

a. What are the 4 Personal Pronouns we have learned?

b. Give the dative of ego, the acc. of nos, the abl. of vos, and the abl. of ego.


c. I will give a present to you-

d. I  criticize you; you criticize me-

e. They’ll show us to the teacher-

f. The man came with us to the show-

g. Cupitisne videre nos?


II. Past and Future Perfect- Draw a time-line with all 6 tenses.

                        2003                                                    Present                                                 2005


a. The Past-Perfect always has the letters ______ and is translated with the word ________.

b. The Future-Perfect usually has the letters ______ and is translated with ________  _________.

c. Which stem do we take the Past and Future Perfect from?

d. amiserat-

e. cupiveris-

f. donavero-

g. iusserant-

h. ceperint-

i. feceramus-

j. Is tardus venit, sed ante vocaverat.


III. Possessive Adjectives-

a. What are the 4 possessive adjectives we have learned?

b. Give the masc. pl. acc. of meus, and the fem. sing. dat. of noster.


c. What does every adjective match with in gender, number, and case?

d. Libris tu____.  Amicos vestr____.  Filius nost____.  Periculum me____.

e. Livia fratrem vestrum venire iubebat.


IV. Perfect, Past, and Future Perfect Passive-

a. The Perfect Passive is made up of two words, the ___ principle part and a form of ________.

b. We translate the Perfect Passive with the words __________  ___________.  Which of these words is also always in the Past and Future Perfect Passive translations?

c. dubitata est-

d. producti eratis-

e. donatae sunt-

f. lectus eris-

g. capti erunt-

h. Turnus ab multo visus erit-


i. Socii mei ab Turno malo interfecti erant.



V. Verb Tenses- Put each verb in the appropriate tenses and voices in Latin.

Verb                            Past-Perfect Active                            Past-Perfect Passive

a. maneo-         __________________________        __________________________________

b. lego-            __________________________        __________________________________

c. reduco-        __________________________        __________________________________

d. recipio-        __________________________        __________________________________


Verb                            Future-Perfect Active                         Future-Perfect Passive

e. teneo-           __________________________        __________________________________

f. produco-       __________________________        __________________________________

g. redigo-         __________________________        __________________________________

h. voco-           __________________________        __________________________________