Synopsis of verbs

A. Diagram Sentences- Label each part of the sentence and then Translate

Key: Subject- S

Present Verb- V

Future Verb- FV

Perfect Verb- PV

Linking Verb- LV

Direct Object- DO

Indirect Object- IO

Prepositional Phrase- PP

Predicate Nominative- PN

Genitive possession- G

Adjective- Adj.

1. The slave held the horses.


2. We saw a large number of fields.


3. The farmers have got the food ready.


4. The girls will carry the supplies away from the forest.


5. My comrade has deserved my friendship.


6. The man showed the island to the queen.


7. The sailors did fight with swords in the water.


-Translate the Abl. of Place From Which:

8. ex aquo-


9. a nautis-


10. de via-


11. Portavi frumentum ex agro.

12. Ab insulis navigabimus.


13. Marce, exclama de casa.


14. Movisti a patria reginae.


15. Movete equos e casa!