A. Adjectives- Underline all the adjectives in this paragraph

Castor and Pollux were the twin sons of Leda and Jupiter and the brothers of the beautiful Helen of Troy. Pollux was an excellent boxer, and Castor was a great horseman. Together, they were the "Heavenly Twins," often associated with the famous constellation Gemini. Unfortunately, Castor died in a heroic battle.Pollux was so saddened by the loss of his twin that after he gained immortality from Jupiter, on account of his own heroism, he shared it with his brother so they each spent every other day living in Hades and the next day living on Mt. Olympus with the gods.In ancient Rome, Castor and Pollux were honored as gods and as expletives. Women only would swear by Castor.

B. Direct Object- Label the Subject, Main Verb, and Direct Object in each sentence.


1. Castor fought a battle.


2. Pollux won a victory.


3. Remus stole sheep from his grandfather.


4. Romulus is bad, he killed his brother.


5. Romulus was a hero, he built walls around Rome.


6. Marcus won a race in the Olympics.


7. I didnít hurt Remus, but Romulus did.


8. Latin is a language that uses endings to show the direct object.