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Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                                                                  Nomen___________________

Ex B 150 worksheet                                                                 Hora___  Dies_____________

Directions- Provide the answers to each of the grammar questions and then translate the whole sentence.


A. They will rule the province.

1. Subject:                    2. Direct Object:                       3. Tense of verb:          

4. Translation:  


B. Did you approve the shape of the wagon?

5. Subject:                    6. Main verb:                            7. Tense of verb:                      

8. Direct Object:                                   9. Genitive of possession:

10. Translation:


C. It is not convenient to send a letter.

11. Infinitive standing in for Subject:                                          12. Linking verb:

13. Adjective standing in for the Predicate Nominative:

14. Direct Object of infinitive:

15. Translation:


D. We shall remain in the town and send a messenger.

16. Subject:                  17. 1st Main verb:                     18. Tense of Verb:

19. P.P. Ablative of Place Where:                                 20. 2nd Main verb:

21. Direct Object of 2nd verb:

22. Translation:

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