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Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                                                                              Nomen___________________

Ex B Lesson XXII worksheet                                                               Hora___  Dies_____________


Directions- Provide the answers to each of the grammar questions and then translate the whole sentence.


A. We were leading the horses to water.

1. Subject:                    2. Direct Object:                       3. Tense of verb:                      

4. P.P. Accusative of Place to Which:

5. Translation:  


B. They kept on waiting, but you did not come.

6. 1st Subject:               7. 1st Verb:                              8. Tense of 1st verb:                 

9. 2nd Subject:                          10. 2nd Verb:                            11. Tense of 2nd verb:

12. Translation:


C. Brutus, did you read about the causes of the war?

13. Person addressed:                  14. Subject:                  15. Verb:                      16. Tense of verb:

17. P.P. in the Ablative:                                    18. Preposition meaning “about”:

19. Genitive of possession:                               

20. Translation:


D. Octavia was coming to dinner, but the rest of the girls did not come.

21. 1st Subject:                         22. 1st Verb:                            23. Tense of 1st verb:               

24. P.P. Accusative of Place to Which:            

25. 2nd Subject:                        26. Adjective describing 2nd Subj.:                               

27. 2nd Verb:                            28. Tense of 2nd verb:

29. Translation:

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