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Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                                                                              Nomen_________________________

Ex B Lesson XXVII worksheet                                                                        Hora___  Dies_____________


Directions- Provide the answers in English to each of the grammar questions and then translate the whole sentence into Latin.


A. The boys saw the danger clearly and fled into the woods.

1. Subject:                    2. Direct Object:                       3. Tense of 1st verb:                          4. Adverb:

5. Tense of 2nd verb:                             6. P.P. Accusative of Place to which:

7. Translation:  


B. The people will be called together by the queen.

8. Subject:                    9. Tense of verb:                                   10. Voice of verb:                    

11. Ablative of agent:                            12. Latin preposition for abl. of agent:

13. Translation:


C. I have entrusted the care of the money to you.

14. Subject:                      15. Tense of verb:                             16. Direct Object:

17. Indirect Object:                                          18. Genitive of possession:                               

19. Translation:


D. Come with us; we are your friends.

20. Imperative verb:                              21. Abl. of accompaniment:                                                     

22. 2nd Subject:                                    23. Linking verb:                                  

24. Predicate Nominative:                                             25. Adjective w/ P.N.:

26. Translation:



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