Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                                                      Nomen__________________________

Latin to English- Ex. B p. 94 worksheet                        Hora_____  Dies__________________

Answer each question using the English word in the preceding sentence.  Then translate the whole sentence into Latin using the proper forms required by each part of the sentence.

A.  We have called the girls to dinner.

1. Subject:                    2. Verb:                        3. Tense of verb:                                  

4. Direct Object:                       5. P.P. Accusative of Place to Which:

6. Translation:


B.  My daughter had a large number of friends.

7. Subject:                                8. Adjective modifying the subject:                    8. Verb:

9. Tense of verb:                                   10. Direct Object:                                

11. Adjective modifying D.O.:                           12. Genitive of Possession:

13. Translation:


C.  Brutus, move the prisoners from the island.

14. Person addressed:                          15. Verb:                                  16. Form of verb:

17. Direct Object:                                 18. P.P. Ablative of Place from Which:

19. Latin preposition that means “from”:

20. Translation:


D.  One at a time the men swam from the island to the new land.

21. Subject:                              22. Adjective modifying the subject:                              23. Verb:

24. Tense of verb:                                 25. P.P. Ablative of Place from Which:

26. P.P. Accusative of Place to Which:

27. Translation: